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do our best and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.  Thus, relax and don’t be

afraid of telling someone you don’t know all the answers or relaying

your own fears.  “God will not allow my fear or lack of knowledge from

preventing a person from knowing Him.”


10) It is not our responsibility to see someone accept Jesus.  Our responsibility

is to tell them the Good News in love and with genuine concern.


11) Don’t assume someone is not open to Christianity.  Try and see where they

are coming from and identify with their situation.


12) Try to understand why they think the way they do.  Put yourself in their

shoes.  This can give insight into how to relate to them and increase your

compassion for them.


In life-style evangelism, they will know we are Christians by our love for each other and for them.  But we must not think that this is a substitute to telling people about Jesus.  Initiative evangelism (taking the initiative to tell someone about Christ) and lifestyle evangelism work together to maximize our witness.

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