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John 3:16 says, God so love the What?  And that whosoever what shall not what?  How do we know that God so loved the world?




Since God made our bodies, don’t you think he would have a good reason to say that getting drunk is wrong?  God knows what’s best for us, so don’t you think you should listen when he says that sexual contact before marriage is destructive?  Our bodies are the temple of God, so what should you do about smoking?




If you really loved God, what should you do?  Obviously, God is telling us to what?  This is a famous parable, John, what do you think it means?  Jesus is making three powerful statements here, what are they?  Do you think God is pleased with what we’ve just talked about?


Good questions create an open, accepting atmosphere that lets every participant in the discussion know that every contribution is appreciated.  Bad questions create a closed, threatening atmosphere that lets every participant in the discussion know that only acceptable contributions are appreciated.

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