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(To Be Spoken Before a Large Group) 


I.          Why prepare a personal testimony?


A.  Careful organization insures that your testimony will be clear, simple, and


B.  Common objections to a prepared testimony are that it will be “canned,”

“stiff,” or unnatural.  However, a prepared testimony will:

1)  Free you to be yourself.

2)  Keep you from being repetitious.

3)  Enable you to always cover the points which you feel are the most


4)  Enable you to be brief.


II.        How to prepare a personal testimony


A.  DO


1)  Ask the Lord to give you wisdom and guidance as you prepare.

2)  Follow a three-point outline:

a)  Life before knowing Christ (your goal in presenting a

testimony is not to tell “YOUR STORY” but to present, in an

interesting way HOW a person can come to know Christ

personally and  WHY by telling how it happened to you!).

b)  How you came to know Christ.

c)  Life after you received Christ (changes He has made; what He

means to you now).

3)  Emphasize point “c” above, if you became a Christian as a small child

4)  Begin with an interesting, attention-getting sentence and close with a

good conclusion.  Include relevant, thought-provoking secular

facts and experiences.

5)  Speak in such a way that others will feel associated with you in past

and present experiences.

6)  Give enough detail to arouse interest.

7)  Use at least one, but no more than two scripture verses.

8)  Edit carefully and change as necessary before you give your





1)  Use Christian jargon.  Words such as:  saved, convicted, converted,

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