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The ideas on previous pages give you dozens of creative ways to start your people talking -- but it’s up to you to keep discussion going by asking clarifying questions, by helping the group members resolve conflicts, by probing issues more deeply, and by involving everyone in the discussion and relationship building process.


Use these questions to clarify what someone just said:

*  “Can you give me an example or two about . . . ?”

*  “What do you mean by . . . ?”

*  “Why do you believe that?”

*  “What is the basis for you conclusions/feelings?”

*  “Would you explain what you just said for us?”


If you want to probe or go more deeply into an answer, ask these kinds of questions:

*  “What else are you feeling?”

*  “Could you tell me more about . . . ?”

*  “Could you explain what you mean by . . . ?”


To redirect the discussion to someone else, try these ideas:

*  “Jane, what do you think about what Alex just said?”

*  “Let’s hear what Bob thinks.”

*  “John, I’m glad you’ve got so much to say on this topic.  I wonder if anyone

else has something to add?”


If after trying to keep a discussion going, you still have some in your group who resist participating, they probably had a bad experience talking in a group.  The only way to overcome the damage done by bad experiences is to start having good experiences.


Christian leaders are a great resource to get guidance on how to start a Bible Study, what material to cover, what commitment level those in attendance should have, and how to deal with frustrations.  Ask them.


Ideas for groups we are around that we could possibly start Bible Studies with:  In your . . .

* Dorm

* Fraternity/Sorority

* Place of Work

* Middle School/High School

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