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1.  The Bible is anthropomorphic, that is, divine truth is brought down to the

human level and expressed in human concepts.

2.  The Bible is a progressive revelation from God to man, and thus each

passage of Scripture must be interpreted in light of its historical context.

3.  The clearest and most evident interpretation of a passage is to be preferred,

and for this reason obscure passages must give way to the clear teaching

of Scripture.

4.  Everything essential in Scripture is clearly revealed and based on sufficient

Scriptural evidence.

5.  Interpret the Bible so that it presents a consistent system of theology, free

from all contradictions.  However, if two apparently contradictory

doctrines are clearly taught, accept both of them.

6.  The Bible is to be interpreted to discover what God says, not just to verify

traditional interpretations or theological prejudices.  However,

interpretations which vary considerably from established doctrinal

system and the sound exegetical commentaries of the past are to be

treated with suspicion.

7.  No passage of Scripture should be interpreted as having more than one

meaning unless unusually strong reasons warrant it.  Similarly,

determine the correct interpretation of a passage before making spiritual

application of the passage.

8.  Interpret personal experience in light of Scripture and not Scripture in light

of personal experience.

9.  Each Christian has the right and responsibility to investigate and interpret

the Word of God for himself or herself.

10. Church history is important but not decisive in the interpretation of


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