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4)  The Spirit continually gives you insight into God and the truths of Scripture.

when you memorize God’s Word and know it by heart, you’ll find that

God speaks to you at the strangest moments.  You’ll be driving along

thinking about nothing important, when suddenly the Spirit strikes.  An

insight about a  verse or truth lodges in your mind.  Instantly, there is a

sense of joy and discovery that draws you closer to the Lord.


5)  The Holy Spirit shows you the unity of a whole book.  If you memorize

whole books of the Bible, you’ll find an amazing thing: You’ll begin not

only to understand the book better, but you’ll begin to understand its

unity, integrity, and depth.  The Holy Spirit will open your mind to

Scripture in dramatic, illuminating ways.


6)  It enables you to know the triune God intimately.  I’ve often wondered how

other people think, what goes on in their minds.  But have you ever

thought about how God thinks, what goes on in His mind?  You needn’t

speculate.  The Bible is His mind revealed.  By knowing God’s Word, we

literally know His own thoughts on every conceivable subject.  As I

studied the book of Jonah some time ago, I was amazed at the process of

discipline revealed in the book.  By the end of it, I saw one thing in

graphic detail: God wanted Jonah, more than anything else, to

understand His heart.  He wanted Jonah to see why He loved the people

in Ninevah and why He didn’t want to destroy them.  As I studied, it

really hit me: The Bible is much more than a volume of stories and

theology, it’s the revelation of God’s very heart.


7)  You begin to see connections between passages.  You become a walking

concordance.  You can connect all sorts of ideas through relating one

verse you’ve memorized to another, especially if you begin memorizing

whole books of Scripture.  You become able to correlate truths and

concepts, not just words.


8)  God gives you the mental capacity for more.  One thing I’ve always worried

about in memorizing Scripture was reaching a saturation point.  Would

my mind reach a point where there was just too much?  Would I begin to

overflow, unable to retain more?  I’ve been memorizing for over

seventeen years now and there’s no stopping point in sight.  In fact, my

mind has become keener, more logical, more able to assimilate data than

ever before.  It carries over into everything--my work, my home, my

hobbies.  The beauty of Bible memorization is that with commitment,

anyone, anywhere, can do it.  You don’t have to be a genius.  But it does

take discipline.  You just have to decide that you’ll do it.  The question is,

will you?

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