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servant’s heart has become a catalyst to transform entirely how they see each other, feel about each other, respond to each other.  Because of the life of God within them and the power of His love, a dynamic has been created within their relationship which has changed everything about their lives.


Think about a family where children multiply the hurts they receive in the world into their own home.  Now, rather than reproducing the pain over and over again that comes from not measuring up to whatever standards are set out there (physically, mentally, socially), there is the reinforcement of love and affirmation in the midst of failure.  We have been taught to return evil for evil, but now we give blessings instead.  A community of servants, people building up one another, healing taking place in a home that has now become a sanctuary in the midst of a world where pain might very well be the most visible characteristics of people’s lives.


Visualize with me now a church.  When we are honest about it, we know that all too often, our church relationships are very much like what we experience in the world.  Too often we are hurt rather than healed and built up.  Sometimes the people we see there are seeking to take the best place, the highest position.  Once in a while we see the same kind of competition, the harsh words, the selfish attitudes in our brothers and sisters that we see in the faces of our enemies and hear in their voices.  We are not perfect people; we do fail one another.


Can you dream with me about churches that are communities of servants, sanctuaries, like the family we just described?  A place where we look into the eyes of a brother or a sister and say, “How can I give myself up for you?  What can I do to serve you?  What do you need that I can give you in order that you might grow into everything God desires you to be?”  Oh!  Can you visualize with me what a church would look like where the members tried with al their hearts to be one another’s servants?  It is not insignificant that Jesus’ new commandment came just after washing the disciples’ feet and instructing them to follow His example.  That servant’s heart is obviously the main characteristics of the love to which we are called.

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