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born-again, etc. do not communicate truth to the average non-

Christian.  Remember your audience.

2)  Be too wordy, beat around the bush, or emphasize how bad you used

to be.

3)  Speak in glittering generalities.  Avoid words like “wonderful”,

“glorious”, etc.

4)  Mention church denominations, especially in a negative way.

5)  Speak critically or negatively about any other individual or group.

6)  Give the impression the Christian life is a bed of roses.


III.       How to present a personal testimony


A.  Before sharing your testimony:


1)  Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower you -- Eph. 5:5-18; Acts 1:8.

2)  Be very familiar with your testimony and practice it.


B.  While sharing your testimony:


1)  Speak loudly and clearly in a natural, relaxed voice.

2)  Avoid mannerisms when you speak, such as:  rubbing your nose,

jingling coins in your pocket, swaying, clearing your throat, using

“uh’s”, and “ah’s”.

3)  Avoid arguing and other high pressure methods of getting a

“decision” for Christ.

4)  Avoid preaching at people.  Present your testimony, not a


5)  Smile!

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