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then all the other things can drop into your calendar.  This includes

establishing priorities.


2)  Command control of your time.  Don’t let strong willed people dominate

your schedule.


3)  Use a schedule book and carry it with you (You don’t need too elaborate of a



4)  Don’t be governed by every emergency.  Find out what is urgent and what is

important.  Important tasks are not emergency situations and can

normally be addressed later. (See “Tyranny of the Urgent”)


5)  Don’t let “great public appearances” get in the way of what your goals and

missions are.


6)  Some tasks are better performed at certain times and under certain

conditions.  Know your own “prime time” and work smart, not just hard

and long.  We should all know our rhythms and be in touch with how to

maximize our time under the appropriate environment.  This includes

knowing when our best study time is and when we should play.


7)  Develop solid criteria for selecting and rejecting various opportunities.  Be

willing to say “NO” to certain things in order to say “YES” to the best

things.  Do you want the good or the very best?


8)  Learn to delegate and find people who are skilled to perform the task.  We

tend to cling to the things we can do well.  Often times we can help

others do it and discover they are better at it than we.


9)  Don’t put off something that can be done now.  “Only pick up things once.”


10) make a list of all unfinished projects.  Do the hardest one first.  When you

list things out it helps give you perspective.  You can then do them one

at a time.


11)  Avoid clutter.  Try not to do everything at once.


12)  Don’t be a perfectionist unless it is mandatory.  You can’t do everything





-- Time with the Lord: Quiet Time/Prayer/Memory Work/Bible Study/Etc.

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