Before this study begins, we need to look at one of the most oxymoronical relationships, if that can be used as a word for just a sec, to date. This relationship is:

How in the world can this be possible? Here are a few statistics to show you how:

One of the most common things we hear atheists and skeptics say about Christians or church is, “They’re so hypocritical. Churches are full of hypocrites which is why I don’t go and why I don’t believe.” This statement, although extremely sad and not true for every Christian and every church body, is also very accurate in some cases.

Living the Christian life, “The J-Life” as this study calls it, is all about Jesus. It’s about giving your life to Jesus for more than just your “fire insurance” or “get out of hell free card,” but it’s about actually surrendering your life to Jesus as LORD of your life. Jesus calls the shots. Jesus is in control.

Living “The J-Life” can be summed up in three areas: 1) A Purpose, 2) A Life, and 3) A Witness. Each of these areas builds off of the other, and if they are in sync you will be living the J-Life daily for the glory of Jesus!

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