After 21 years as a Youth Pastor, God has moved me into the new role of a Senior Pastor here in Quincy, CA. However, during those 21 years in youth ministry, I purchased most of my resources out of my own budget so that when I moved from one location to another I would be able to take those resources with me and not have to start all over again. As a result, I have a massive youth ministry library of books, DVDs, curriculum, and so much more.

In my new role as a Senior Pastor, I am not in need of most of those resources any longer and I hate to see them just sit upon the shelf doing nothing but collecting dust - especially when they are perfectly good, usable (and some never even opened) resources for youth ministry.

So I have decided to sell most all of my youth ministry libarary. I am not at all looking to get rich or make a profit off of this. However, I would like to recover some of what I spent personally as well as be able to have some spare change in my pocket. So these resources will be for sale... not free... but very cheap. In addition, I am open to any offer on my resources. I will begin to take pictures and put them up for people to see, but if you know of a resource that you are specifically looking for, please send me a direct email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask me if I have it. If I do, and you would like to purchase it... it is YOURS!!!

Or just keep your eyes out on the site, as I begin to post pictures and resources available for sale.