One of the things I love about Simply Youth Ministry are their products. I have used the products put out by Simply Youth Ministry for many years. I have watched them change over the years and develop. I was with them before they were "Making Young Lives Count" and into the present time of "Simply Youth Ministry." One thing that has remained consistent from the first time I ever met Doug Fields, and the entire gang at Simply Youth Ministry, has been their commitment to providing quality youth ministry resources, readily available, easy to use and adapt, and very professional.
I have had many youth pastors over the years ask me for my own personal recommendations on products. In recent years, this request has increased. So, I thought it might be beneficial to many to share on the site my personal favorites in different categories from Simply Youth Ministry. I have to admit, though, that this is a huge challenge for me because I really have not found a product of theirs I did not like. But, I figured I would at least highlight some of my favorites, and the ones which I have personally used that were excellent ministry resources for me.

"Small Groups From Start to Finish"

This resource walks you through 10 clear steps on how to launch a healthy small group program within your youth ministry. Included in all of this information is a CD-ROM with all of the resources used in the small group ministry at Saddleback Church. They’ve crammed everything they can in there to help make small groups a success.

The resource is broken down into three parts:
1. Description of the 10 steps for launching a healthy, effective small group ministry.
2. Dozens of handouts, job descriptions, training sheets, and letters (a time-saving dream!).
3. The CD-ROM containing everything in Word and PDF formats so you can edit, print, and distribute whatever you need.



This is a VERY difficult one for me to choose because there are so many EXCELLENT sermons and sermon series available from Simply Youth Ministry that I like. So, I have decided to share two. The first one is officially marked as for Jr. High ministry, but I believe could easily be adapted for High School Ministry as well.

"On Location"

What can the world teach us about God? Quite a bit! On Location uses famous places from around the globe to illustrate eternal truths about following Christ. From how to survive Junior High to opening up hearts to God’s calling, this Super-Series puts you in first class seats to deliver Biblical truths to your students in record time.
Locations & topics include:
* Leaning Tower of Pisa—The Importance of A Firm Foundation
* Eiffel Tower—The Importance of Strong Connections
* Great Pyramids—What Are You Wrapped Up In?
* Great Wall of China—Allowing God to Invade Our Lives
* Zimbabwe—How to Stick Out
* Mt. Everest—Junior High is quite a HIKE!
* Statue of Liberty—JESUS sets people free!
* The Great Barrier Reef—Recognizing Your Amazingness
* The Panama Canal—It was created to help people who were on long journey.
* There’s No Place Like Home—A Look at the Lost Son

"26 Teaching Outlines, Vols. 1-3"

Good teaching is hard work that takes a lot of effort—and it takes a lot of time. And with all the demands on youth workers today, getting the time to create an in-depth, challenging lesson from scratch means leaving so many other things by the wayside.

26 Teaching Outlines was designed to help youth pastors be more effective with their time. Each message outline has both a teaching and student outline for every topic. The student outline has space for students to take notes as well as "fill-in-the-blanks" on key sections to promote active listening. Each lesson also includes PowerPoint presentation slides to snaz things up a bit.

Pull a lesson up, add your own insights and personal illustrations to the teaching outline, and whamo! You’re ready in record time with a lesson that still has your touches and character.



"The 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told"

An excellent resource to assist with preparing a testimony! In fact, I have used this resource effectively with Jr. Highers, High Schoolers, and adults.

If you have students who have a difficult time articulating their faith story, then this field-tested tool can help. This workbook guides individuals through a simple process to define and write out God’s work in their life—their story (or testimony).

Every Christian has a story and that story can and should be shared. Doug Fields’ encouraging writing style can be seen as he coaches students through four simple challenges:
1. You DO have something to share (everyone has a story)
2. You CHOOSE which story to tell (growth story or meeting Jesus story)
3. You take time to PREPARE (2 worksheets and a written sample)
4. You use your opportunity to SHARE

If you’ve never used Simply Youth Ministry material before, you’ll find this very user-friendly. They make everything simple so that you can make it your own…literally, take their name off and put yours on it. They include editable versions of the content on CD-ROM, so that you can personalize the material to fit your own group.


"Mentor Me: Year 1 & Leaders are Learners Bundle"

This bundle was customized specifically for youth leaders needing to get some training into their volunteers or other staff members. Mentor Me: Year 1 features 12 45-minute interviews with youth ministry veterans discussing some of the most relevant topics in ministry: small groups, legal issues, relational youth ministry, and more. Leaders Are Learners includes 10 CDs of Doug Fields’ own volunteer training sessions for Saddleback Church.

I have used both of these many times with my volunteer leaders and other Youth Ministry staff and it has always been an excellent resource and received wonderful feedback. It is easy to share, very powerful, and helps the volunteer leaders to feel both educated as well as invested in.



"The Whole Enchilada"

Being a Jr. High Youth Pastor myself, this category is so difficult to choose from, because Jr. High material is not only hard to come by, but what Kurt Johnston has put together is awesome. But, the people at Simply Youth Ministry understand this sentiment all to well, especially with the Jr. High material. That is why my recommendation with HIGH marks goes to "The Whole Enchilada"

The only way to improve this tasty resource would be if it came with a small plate of super nachos on the side. This is pretty much every resource from Simply Junior High gathered together in one place. If you need a resource for middle school ministry, we can pretty much guarantee it's in here.

Complete lesson series, teaching outlines, small group studies, games, discipleship curriculum - it's all in here. Best served with guacamole.

This bundle includes:

* Jr. High Basics of Faith
* Jr. High Beatitudes
* Jr. High Fruit of the Spirit
* Jr. High Ten Commandments
* Jr. High Small Group Start-Up Kit
* Jr. High Game On
* Jr. High Growing U
* Jr. High Resource Kit
* Jr. High Teaching Outlines Vol 1
* Jr. High Teaching Outlines Vol 2


"Power Play, Vols. 1-3"

60 crowd-breaker trivia games are included. I love games, and I love using games. These games are so professionally done and fun to use. My students have always loved these. I really do recommend the whole bundle, so you have at least one game per week to last you through the entire year!!!

Completely Customizable
Each Power Play volume includes 20 original group trivia games – ready to use, as is. However, if you want to add your own creativity, it’s down right simple. Each game also comes with an editable version so questions and answers can be customized specifically to your group. You also get great looking score sheets (PDFs) for each game to make you look even better.

No PowerPoint, No Problem
Don’t use PowerPoint®? No worries. We threw in a free version of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer so you can still play the games. These also work fabulously with other presentation software like MediaShout® and Keynote®.

What You Need
Basically if you have a half-way decent computer – Mac or PC – you’re fine. A little bit of room on your hard drive, a standard video card, and a CD drive is all you need and you’re good to go. Really, it’s that easy!


"Your First Two Years In Youth Ministry"

When Doug Fields first started working in youth ministry, he didn’t have much of a clue on what he was doing. He just jumped in head first with a passion for kids and a heart for the Lord—and that was about it. He now looks back on those days and sees the challenges faced, the hurdles tripped over, and the successes found.

With Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry, Fields translates his passion, insight, and vision for “rookies” onto paper. This is hands-down the most comprehensive companion to not only surviving, but also to thriving during this crucial phase of youth ministry.

The book is full of stories and principles from Fields’ own successes and failures over 20-plus years in youth ministry. It also offers treasure troves of practical advice, all in the hope that new youth workers can travel a smooth path and achieve real longevity in a church culture that all too often chews them up and spits them out.

Some of the issues covered are:
* Dealing with discouragement
* Establishing a solid spiritual foundation
* Building effective relationships with students
* Resolving conflict
* Ministering to parents and families
* Trailblazing change
* Working with volunteers
* Defining a realistic job description

In addition, there’s a proverbial Greek chorus of insightful sidebar voices from ministry veterans like Jim Burns, Steve Gerali, Mike Yaconelli, Helen Musick, Chap Clark, Marv Penner, Rick Warren, Jana L. Sundene, Bo Boshears, Duffy Robbins, Tony Campolo, and Richard Ross. They’ve all composed extensive, topical essays for each of the dozen chapters.

"Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry" is a must-have resource for new youth workers, volunteers, seminary professors and students, senior pastors, elders, and church boards – or even veteran youth workers who’ve been ministering in unstructured environments and are now asking, “What did I miss? What can I still learn?”

The first two years of youth ministry are never easy. But never fear! Hope’s coming if you can hang on!

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I have had many youth pastors over the years ask me for my own personal recommendations on products. In recent years, this request has increased. So, I thought it might be beneficial to many to share on the site my personal favorites in different categories from Simply Youth Ministry.

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