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Thursday, October 02, 2003 Acts Studies from Juniorhighpastor.com Hello, I created these studies to use in my own ministry. The version you have are partly rough draft, and partly finished. Due to an industrial strength computer error, I lost some of the final lesson. So you will need to check for content and spelling errors. You are free to use these lessons in anyway you see fit. We used this in this way: Each week the student would receive the lesson a week ahead of time. When they came back from youth group their would be a small group study time, and the leaders would guide the discussion based on the lesson. Our experience is that most of the students will not due the lesson every week. But some will! And that is better than showing up and doing a lesson on the fly. Please visit my website http://www.juniorhighpastor.com . I will try and post more lessons as they are developed. You can email me @ Chris@juniorhighpastor.com and I will get back to when I can. Take a look around for the companion commentary lessons I wrote for this series. I will post those as soon as I can. Grace & peace, Chris Chris@juniorhighpastor.com Http://www.juniorhighpastor.com


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