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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 09:01

Water Baloon Capture the Flag

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Here\'s a twist on Capture The Flag and Fire in the Jungle and Water Balloon fights. You can adjust it to fit your group. You will need tons of water balloons. I gave our students each a pack of water bombs on Wed that they could bring back filled on game day (Friday). Create a wide field with a mid-field line. Put a bandana or similar behind each endline. Teams are defending the \"flag\" as in Capture the Flag. Each team has some players playing offense and some playing defense. Offensive players are trying to score by running into enemy territory, grabbing the flag and returning to their territory with it. These players are safe when they cross the endline of enemy territory or when they are in their own territory. We had the offensive players wear swim fins. The defensive players stand over a bucket of water balloons and they are not allowed to travel more than one step from the bucket. They throw the balloons at any opposing players who enter their territory. If an offensive player is hit with a balloon (below the head) in enemy territory he/she is \"dead\" and must sit down at that spot. The referee can give players back their life any time. Also, we had people switch being offensive and defensive players every few minutes. Make sure that the field is wide enough to give the offense a chance to make it across without being hit. Have fun!

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  • Group Size: 10+
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