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Sunday, 15 January 2012 23:43

Messy Twister

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This game\'s great. We\'ve used it for our Summer Program two years in a row. We had a day where we played messy games and had the kids bring old grubby clothes. You need a Twister board (you\'ll probably want to dispose of it afterwards), Garbage bags, crazy kids, paper plates, tape, and some food items. Tell 4 kids to take off their shoes and socks, and roll up their pantlegs. Cut a hole in the trashbag, and have each kid put one on, so it looks like a poncho. On the Twister board, tape a paper plate to each dot. Here\'s the catch...on the red dots, fill the plates with ketchup. On the yellow dots, mustard, on the green dots, green beans, and on the blue dots, blue Jello. You\'ll be surprised how long kids can stay up when they REALLY don\'t want to fall (Oh but when they do.....). We also ran a boys heat and a girls heat, for obvious Jr. High reasons..

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