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Sunday, 15 January 2012 23:44

Peanut Butter Face

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Teams of Three. Nominate a spreader, a thrower, and a catcher. What you need: A couple jars o\' peanut butter, and a couple bags of cheetoes. The Catcher sits down on a chair. The spreader has 3 minutes to take the jar of peanut butter, and smear it all over the catcher\'s face. COVER EVERYTHING! After the allotted time, give a bowl of Cheetoes to the Thrower. Have the Thower stand back about 10 feet. On your \"go,\" the thrower is to try to get the most cheetoes to stick to their teammates face. Once everyone is out of cheetoes, count up the results and declare a winner! A garbage bag \"poncho\" is encouraged.

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