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Sunday, 26 February 2012 14:28

Chain Reaction

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A modified version of \"Still Another Shoe Game\"... Divied your students into two teams, sitting in two parallel straight lines. The teams should be holding hands, and all facing one end of the lines, where an object (I use a small stuffed animal) is sitting on a stool or a table (or on the floor, if your students are on the floor). At the other end, the two students at the very end are looking towards a leader who is flipping cards from a deck. When a face card is dealt, the students at the end of each team squeeze the hand they are holding, setting off a chain reaction that ends with the last student in the line grabbing the object from the table. The team who grabs the object first gets to rotate (first person comes down to the end, and the whole line shifts one spot. A false grab (someone squeezed when no face card was dealt) means that team has to rotate backwards one spot. The first team to rotate all the way around to where they started wins. The deck of cards allows for the addition of phases 2 and 3 . . . In Phase 2, students squeeze on face cards AND whatever wild card you choose. In Phase 3, squeeze on face cards and a wild card, but NOT on Suicide Kings (or whatever variation you come up with). It makes things a little trickier and more interesting than just flipping a coin.

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  • Group Size: 10-30
  • Source: mhoff9
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