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Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:59

Mall Games - Part 5

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One of the most memorable thing I ever did when I was in a high school youth group is when we went to the mall for the annual "Leader Hunt". All the adult leaders would dress up in disguises and get to the mall ahead of time and we would get in groups and try and find them. If we did, we had to say a certain code to them. If they were one of the leaders, they had to respond a certain code back and then they would sign our sheets of all the leaders names. It was awesome! The head youth guy, a usually very conservative dressed and acting guy, was a punker hanging out by the exit. We were scared to go up to him. One of the leaders put shoe polish on his face and went around cleaning windows. Invariably some youth would go up to someone who was not one of leaders and say the embarrassing code words. Tell me if you try this and how it goes.

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