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Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:00

Mall Games - Part 7

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We do a progressive Mall hunt in December to coincide with our Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. It works out fun. We have 10 leaders who dress up as something (nun, old lady, security guard) stuff like that and then our kids have to find them. For each person they find we give them a $1 gift certificate in that mall. It gets expensive. We usually hit about 4 of the big malls here in Seattle. We have also done a scavenger hunt in the malls, where we give them the clues and they have to find what the item is we are describing. You give them details like, drug store, isle 7, bottom row, on sale for 1.24. Just corny things like that. God Luck with your activity! This can be time consuming and take a lot of planning.

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