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Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:01

Stick the Lifesaver Game

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Stick the licked lifesavers on someone's face game. (Christmas version) This is an old take-off of the 'stick the licked lifesavers on someone's face game' but with a holiday flair. Get three or four or five guys (the less hairy the better) and have each guy assemble a team of five or six others to build a Christmas wreath on the guy's stomach using licked red and green Christmas mints, lifesavers, and red gum (for the bow). You'll find that once you put one of those Christmas mints in your mouth it gets real sticky and sticks to a bare tummy pretty well. Give all of the teams about five minutes to 'build' their circular wreath and let 'em go at it. After five minutes, have all of the teams sit down and then vote on the best one. Feel free to use other candy, too. Gummy Worms, Jolly Ranchers, and other mints work well and add color. Just make sure that you run a test beforehand to make sure that it sticks well. As a rule, the more slobber... the better. You'll want to get guys that don't mind revealing their belly and getting a little sticky. As a side note... don't use Big Red or cinnamon gum for the bow. It burns a little when it gets wet and is put on someone's tender tummy and sits for a while. Doubt me? Try it yourself.... I did - ouch.

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