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This is a great lock in game that I introduced to my students recently. It works very well if you have a building that is medium to large size (our building accomodates @ 300 people). This is the game, you begin by allowing students to pair up or, you have a game that will pair up the students. Next, you take the pair to the far end of the building (away from the sanctuary), this is the starting point. These 2 students are the "Adventurers." The rest of the students become the "traps." The traps have the responsibility to hide in various locations throughout the building that the Adventurers will be walking through in order to get to the sanctuary. To enhance the game, give some of the traps, pool noodles and others, medium to large play balls (the type that you find at your local department store for a couple of bucks). Once the traps are in place, turn off as many of the lights in the building as possible. The adventurers can now begin their quest. The quest is that the adventurers must walk together from the beginning to the sanctuary, retreive an "artifact," (placed on a table on the platform. I used a medium stuffed animal to be the artifact) and carry it together (facing each other with arms crossed, hands clasped, artifact cradled in the middle) back to the starting point without being caught by a trap. If they make it back without being stopped by a trap, they are the winner if not, choose another pair and reset the traps to begin the game once again. In order for this to work there are some rules: 1. The traps can hide anywhere they wish but once hidden, they can not leave that spot (they can not chase down the adventurers). 2. To stop the adventurers, the traps must make contact with one of the pair, either by touching a shoulder or ankle, hitting them with a thrown (soft) ball or, touching them with a pool noodle. 3. The traps can plan with each other to act out individually, as an opportunity arises or, wait until the artifact has been removed from the table and catch the adventurers on the way back. 4. The traps can place obstacles (tables, chairs, movable wall partitions) in the path that the adventurers will be taking to the sanctuary. This will add to the game because the adventurers will have to slow their progress through the game and increase their chances of being caught by a trap. It will also allow for cover when the balls are thrown. 5. The adventurers can not run through the building (visibility will be low). The teaching side of this game comes when the adventurers find that they are stuck in a desperate situation with no where to turn. Allow them to ponder what to do for a about 5 minutes then, call time on the game. Walk up to the adventurers and say, "You are in a bad situation, with no way out right? What do you think you need to get out of this situation?" Answer them by saying, "What you need, is a Savior." At this point, call out to the traps that the adventurers can not be harmed as long as you are walking with them. Walk with the adventurers about half way through the building then have them resume the game on their own. After the game, a short devotion with all of the students can be given, teaching them how we rely on Christ for our lives. How He has saved us from a desperate situation caused by sin. I found that it made an impact on some of the students and they enjoyed the game to the point of playing it for 4 1/2 hours (I only have 15 in my group). Things to enhance and keep the game moving along are; 1. Have another youth sponsor walk behind the adventurers (safety and accountability reasons). He/she can give advice as they move along the quest. 2. Give the adventurers a small flash light (to help guide them through the building). 3. When the adventurers enter the sanctuary, begin playing some type of adventure music (classical adventure movie music or music from a popular adventure video game works very well). Make sure the volume is up a bit. 4. Place strobe light (s) in the sanctuary for visual affects. 5. If the fire alarm allows it (the leadership is okay with it) you can also use a fog machine on the platform for more visual affect. 6. Place a time limit on the traps as they plan what to do, find hiding places and rearrange some of the obstacles. 7. Some students are timid as adventurers and will take a long time to move along the quest. Place a time limit on them to keep the game moving. The youth sponsor can be used to keep the adventurers moving. This game can be enhanced many different ways (depending on your budget) and it is a lot of fun while providing a lesson of reliance on God.

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