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Still Another Shoe Game

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Split your group into 2 teams (if you have an extremely large group or a small space, you can use more teams, but it becomes complicated). Both teams should form a line sitting down, facing the same direction, right next to each other (they should look like the roman numeral two). Place a shoe between the people at the front of the line, with a youth staffer supervising. Each line should link hands. One student from each team at the back of the line should face backwards; everyone else should face forward and remain silent. Another youth worker sits at the back of the line with a quarter. To begin the game, they will flip the quarter. If it is tails, the students at the back of the line do nothing and the youth leader flips the quarter again; if it's heads, they squeeze the hand of the person in front of them. Once a student feels their hand squeezed, they need to squeeze the hand of the person in front of them. When the person at the front of the line feels their hand squeezed, the hit the shoe (be sure to have them leave their hand there). Whichever team hits the shoe last sends their front person to the back of the line. However, if a team hits the shoe and the quarter landed on tails, the front person from that team must go to the back. The team whose first person at the beginning of the game winds up at the front again loses.

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  • Group Size: Any size
  • Source: RIOT Youth Group
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