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Tuesday, 18 November 2003 23:13

The Amazing Race - Scavenger Hunt AND Fundraiser all in one

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You could tweak this to fit your group - we did it this way and it seemed to work and the kids had fun. Fundraiser - Ask church members if they have tasks that they don't want to do but wouldn't mind paying some youth to do for them. Tell them that a team will be coming over (give them a specific time) and doing that task as part of a scavenger hunt/fundraiser. Each task should only take between 10 and 20 minutes to accomplish. Drivers collect the money and turn it in at the end. Scavenger Hunt - They had to come up with code names for each other and use them throughout the night. They had to bring back answers to some trivia questions (i found on the internet). They had to bring back an ice cream topping that expressed their team's personality. They also had to make up a song about the task(s) they were assigned and sing it for the church members when they were done. Everything is worth points. Enjoy ice cream at the end!

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