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Bible Smuggling

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Your mission should you choose to accept: You are missionaries trying to smuggle bibles into 'foreign' lands that are closed to the Gospel. What you should watch for: Military Police who are trying to stop you from smugging the Gospel into their lands. This game is very high activity, what we do is set out an area on a map and the youth have to make it from point "A" to point "B" without getting caught (On Foot). The more people the better. The Military Police are in Vehicles. We also setup a designated jail and lock the youth up. This is a great game to get your local church body involved in as well (acting as the smugglers or MP's) There are various rules you can use, 1)Youth must stay in public lighted areas and not go out side of boundaries set. also can't enter buildings to hide. 2) They must have their 'bible' at all times can't toss it and pretend they don't have it. 3) Must complete with entire team. 4) Once caught there is NO escaping.

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  • Group Size: varied
  • Source: Chris Colborne (although I'm sure someone somewhere did it before) :P
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