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My youth group loves this one.. Things you will need: 1 flashlight per person Large Area to hide (we used our front yard that has tons of hills, trees and rocks to hide behind, it has to be dark outside) Set boundries depending on the groups size It is super hard to find one person hiding in the dark.. You pick one person from the group to be "it", they go and hide and the rest of the group counts to 20. At 20 the group spreads out and turns on there flashlights to try and find "it".. "It" does not need a flashlight. When a person from the group finds "it" they hide with and so on, until there is only one person left looking for "it" We had a group of about ten. There was once in the game when 9 of us were dog piled on top of eachother while the last person looked for us.. It was great! Once you know there is one person left you can let them look for you more or call out "YOUR IT" and they become "it"

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