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Dosball (also known as Seven-Base Kickball)

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This is a kickball styled game using bases and any ball that you can kick...we suggest a playground ball (not a soccer is too hard): Setup: Ok, so you have home base, the pitcher's base, and other bases scattered approximately where the real three bases (like softball) are supposed to be, plus the extra bases wherever they may fit (they aren't necessarily in the normal gaps or evenly spaced). We like to put one base very far away and make it worth extra points (see scoring). Rules: Two teams of equal size. We usually have a staff person as the pitcher for both teams. One team in the field and the other team batting (kicking). Once the kicker kicks, baserunners are out if the fielding team gets the ball to the pitcher before they get on a base (makes double plays really easy!). So to be safe, you have to be on a base when the pitcher gets the ball! A runner can run to any base in any order, except that you can't choose the pitcher's base as the first base to run to. (In case you were wondering, yes, occasionally the pitcher does have to pitch with a runner right next to him.) You can only go to a base once. You do not have to go to all the bases…you only have to go to one. The kicking team gets to kick all the way through their lineup, no matter how many outs they have. If the last kicker in the lineup gets on base and there are teammates who made it safely home before, they can kick again. So, theoretically, a person could bat numerous times. Otherwise, if all of the previous kickers got out, then the last kicker has the responsibility of touching a base and trying to come home (because he can't just stay out there on the bag with no one to kick after him). A caught ball is an automatic out on the kicker, and if there are other runners not on a base when the ball is caught, they are out too. Originally there were no foul lines, but after awhile we decided that would probably be helpful. So foul lines run between home plate and the nearest base on either side (usually close to normal softball foul lines). We didn't allow doubling up runners on the bases since you can run to any open base in any order. Scoring: Each base they touch is worth one point. If you touch pitcher base, then your points double. Depending on how far out you put your far away base, you can assign appropriate points. We like to put it very far away and give it a large amount of points (something like 10 or 15). Points don't count until the runner gets home. If the runner gets out, his points do not count. Time: It depends on how long you want to play, but we usually try to play at least 2 innings. Just keep them even. The more people, the longer the innings, so you may have to modify and limit the number of times that someone can bat in an inning. If you have questions, please email me…this has been a favorite…especially with junior/middle schoolers!

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  • Group Size: varied
  • Source: Paul Baker, Jennifer Baker and Jon Jones
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