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Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:12

Listening to God

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I. Materials A stack of 8x11(inches) sheets of paper...about 30-50 sheets. (cool colors if you have them). One blind fold. II. Time Depends on how long you want to reuse the person usually takes 15 minutes.... III. Objective The objective is for the blind folded person to walk from one side of the room to the other without touching one of the papers. You blind fold the person and tell them that their goal is to reach the other side of "life" without touching a square paper. After you blind fold that person, pick one person (the blind folded person can not know who this person is going to be ) to be the voice of the Holy Spirit.... The rest of the group line up along the two side walls of the hall - they cannot come next to the blindfolded person, and cannot touch them. Neither can they move from their starting positions. Only the person playing the "Holy Spirit" can move along the walls. The rest of your group tries to get the blind folded person to step on the squares of paper. SO the challenge comes for the blind folded person to listen to a voice she trusts and listen to them and try to block out all the other voices in the group... Most of the time they will fail and listen to the wrong person... Use this exercise to lead into a discussion about tons of things -how to better listen to God -trusting other people -the effects of other influences in our lives -how to discern the love of God in a world where people deceive you. Try it out. Should be fun, and a good object lesson.

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