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Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:12


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Setting up the game: Photocopy and cut out paper money for the game. Give each team the same amount the 'real' monopoly games says to give to each player. Make sure to have enough for the bank. (Note: it works VERY well to color code the different bills - like with the game.) Distribute the properties to people in your congregation (giving 2 or 3 to each household if you don't have enough volunteers). They will all have to have several hundred dollars to make change with. Make up certificates of ownership for each property to give the people that buy the properties. Make up passes. (cards that tell where the team is coming from and going to) sort of like: ____________________________ |Team: | |Going to: | |From: | |Authorized: | ____________________________ Make a small photocopy of the original playing board. (Blacking out the utilities - they just mess everything up, so we don't use them) You should have LARGE mascots for each team (i.e.: HUGE stuffed dog, Large shoe, toy school bus, big McDonalds cup covered with tin-foil [thimble:)] etc...) You should have an adult to drive each team around (with a specific driver, you don't have to worry about kids breaking laws, speeding, liability, etc.) Make sure each kid is in the car-buckled in before the car leaves PARK...(I know this sounds dumb, but we all have to worry about liability now-a-days). Make a map of the town, and a list telling the address of each property. Make the bank, the Jail, community chest and chance at the church. Also, we had a couple of families drop out, so we had the extra properties at the church.Order Pizza or refreshments for the end of the game. (We had each kid bring $2.00 to pay for pizza) Give each team: map of town, Church Phone Number, List of properties and the addresses where they can be found, monopoly money, mascot, copy of the playing board, copy of the rules, a driver and several players Each house should also have: map of town, church phone number, list of properties and the addresses where they can be found, small collection of monopoly money, copy of the rules, copy of the playing board, dice, their properties (and an envelope for each one, to collect rent with). (NOTE: hard to find houses should put balloons in their yard, or on their door so they can be recognized.)Playing the Game: Have each team meet at the church, so they all can hear the rules, and start at the same time. (And to try to answer any questions they have. Set a time when everyone has to meet back at the church at the end. (for each 5 minutes their late deduct 500 dollars from their score...6-10 minutes late 500+500=1000, 11-15 minutes late 500+500+500=1500 etc...) Synchronize Watches Draw numbers to see which team rolls first. Start everyone at 'Go', and let them roll. They count their spaces, then drive to their first property. They can buy it, or not. It it's bought, they still have to drive there, and pay the rent. If they have all of the properties of a color, they can put houses and hotels on them. (They have to buy them at the bank, and the bank calls the respective houses to tell them which properties have houses and hotels) (NOTE: we only had one team buy houses and hotels - They won.) They have to have a pass to go somewhere, if they get to a place without a pass going there, they have to go back and get a pass. (NOTE: they don't need a pass to go to 'Go' to pick up their money) From each spot, they need to role the dice to go to the next place. A team can't roll, or buy, or pay rent until the ENTIRE team is in the house with the property 'owners'. We didn't make the drivers go in, since they were adults, and not 'OFFICIALLY' part of the game. If a team rolls two properties at the same spot, they have to sit down for two minutes before they can proceed. Jail: They need to role doubles, and if they don't get doubles on the first role, they must sit at the bank/jail (Church) for 5 minutes. We played that if they wanted to mortgage property, they could get their full value (that they paid) for it (It was less hassle that way) (NOTE: no-one did that.) We also gave them $400 for passing 'Go' (have to come to the church to get it) and $800 for landing on 'Go' (That's more then the regular game... but hey, the person that runs the game makes the rules :) At the end of the game, have everyone return to the church and get refreshments while everything is tabulated. Tabulating Scores: Count up how much cash each team has. Add the price of each property (doubling the price if they own a monopoly) add any rent they collected for each property add the worth of any houses and/or hotels they have subtract $500 for each 5 minutes they're late We had each property either call in, or come in to tell us who bought what properties and how much rent they got for it. (We gave them all pizza too.)

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