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Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:12

Peter's Faith Journey

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This particular one is not a true simulation game, but could easily be adjusted to be so. Adding experiences, or using the Visual Bible for certain snippets, etc, could really add something to this, and make it most unforgettable. I wanted to share an interactive learning experience that I presented on Friday night at a youth group. It was on the Faith Journey. It began with youth pairing up and answering the following questions (I found this sometime back, called My Spiritual Autobiography): 1. My earliest memory or awareness of God 2. The major religious events or experiences in my life 3. My spiritual high point (when I felt closest to God) 4. My spiritual low point (when I felt most distant from God) 5. Special people who have played a role in my faith journey 6. When I am right now in my relationship with God 7. Where I would like to be in my relationship with God 8. What's missing in my relationship with God Then I presented a short input time on Peter's faith journey (reading the Bible verses or referring to the passage if it was too long to read): Peter is Called to Follow Jesus Matthew 4:18-20 Peter Walks on the Water Matthew 14:25-33 Peter Confesses Faith in Jesus Matthew 16:13-17 Peter Corrects Jesus Matthew 16:21-23 Peter Advises Jesus at the Transfiguration Matthew 17:1-4 Peter Defend Jesus in the Garden John 18:10-11 Peter Denies Jesus Matthew 26:69-75 Peter Decides to Leave the Faith John 21:2-3 Jesus Restores Peter in the Faith John 21:15-17 Peter Stands up For His Faith Acts 2:14; 37,38 Peter Puts His Faith to the Test Again Acts 3:1-8 Peter Defends His Faith Acts 4:1-21 Peter is Challenged in His Faith Acts 10:9-35 Peter is Guilty of Hypocrisy Galatians 2:11-1 Peter Writes Two Letters 1 & 2 Peter I used a simple graph to plot the ups and downs of Peter's faith journey: the vertical axis is Spiritual Progress while the horizontal is Events in the faith journey. The end results in 3 steps up; 5 steps down, 5 steps up, one step down and then finally one step up. I then had each young person fill in the same chart to record their faith journey. I wrapped up by focusing on the presence of God in our faith journey and how that spiritual development is not smooth and consistent.

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