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Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:12

Stress Ideas

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Last year one of our college age youth members gave a talk on stress in which she used a hand pump and a balloon to illustrate stress. Every time she listed a stressful event in the life of a typical teen, she pumped more air into the balloon. Every time something came along to relieve the stress (i.e. lunch breaks after a class in which you've forgotten your homework at home) she let a little air out. Then she kept pumping with more stressful items until it popped. The looks on everybody's faces as the balloon was about to explode was hysterical! Jesus is the safety valve of the second balloon which never lets it get to the breaking point. If I remember them correctly, her suggestions for resolving stress were: 1) Prayer - Spending time with God can help put things in perspective. 2) Fellowship - being with other Christians in the same boat helps avoid the feeling that you are all alone. 3) Determination - Put up a sign that says "Never Give Up!" somewhere in your room where you will see it every morning. 4) Try to plan your week so you can include "fun time." The best part of the whole talk was how she presented it. She has a real gift for speaking and she did an excellent job during the whole presentation.

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