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Friday, 16 September 2005 10:11

The Game of Life

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In this game we will have some carnival type booths set-up. Each booth will be run by an adult. Each booth represents something around which people center their lives: Wisdom, Fame, Security, & Money. At each booth, the student can compete in various activities to earn tokens. Each game has its own different token (made from different colored construction paper). Each game also has the potential of causing a player to lose tokens if they fail at the competition. Each student starts with 2 of each token. The games are as follows: Fame: At the fame booth, students will try to live out their dream as they compete to make 3 out of 5 free throws. If they win, then they are a sports legend and earn one FAME token. If they lose, then they missed out on a million-dollar sports contract and lose one MONEY token. Money: At the money booth, students will seek out riches as they compete to call 3 out of 5 flips of a quarter correctly. If they win, then they are millionaires and earn one MONEY token. If they lose, then they will never own a mansion in Beverly Hills and lose one FAME token. Security: At the security booth, students will play the stock market as they compete to roll either a 4, 5, or 6 on a die 3 out of 5 times. If they win, they have secured their retirement and earn one SECURITY token. If they lose, then they cannot afford to go to college in the future and lose one WISDOM token. Wisdom: At the wisdom booth, students will take our SAT test as they try to answer 3 out of 5 riddles correctly. If they win, then they are sought by Donald Trump to run his business and earn one WISDOM token. If they lose, then they will forever be a Wal-Mart greeter and lose one SECURITY token. Each student can go to as many games as they want as long as they have the selected token that they could lose for that game. Students think that the goal of “The Game of Life” is to gain more tokens than anyone else. Here’s the catch though: that is not the goal at all! The goal is for them to be willing to surrender their lives in order to gain life. One leader will be stationed in an obscure place with PEACE tokens (different color than the other four colored tokens). If students want one of these tokens, then they will have to give that leader all of the tokens that they own. The students will not be able to earn any more tokens from the other games. Their goal for the rest of the game is to talk everyone else into giving up all they own for one of these tokens. And that is “The Game of Life!” It can lead into a study of Ecclesiastes and what Solomon found to be true in life as well as how Jesus said we could earn life.

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