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Saturday, 03 May 2003 11:20

Waking Up In the Dorm Room

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You will need to discuss this with your team and make sure everyone is OK with it. You will also need a very hard core volunteer! Tell your group that you wanted to prepare them for college by showing them a little bit of what college life is like. Have a table up front with a large clear glass bowl, a toothbrush and toothpaste and about five glasses of water.Have the members of the skit enter one by one and act like they're waking up. They proceed to pick up the toothbrush and brush their teeth. (The messier the better - and lots of water). Everyone uses the same brush and spits the water out into the bowl. Lots of water - get as much in the bowl as possible! This by itself will get half the group sickened. By the time the last person comes out they will think that they have seen it all. However, they would be very, very wrong. The hard core volunteer acts the same way - except that he (I've never found a girl that would do this part) stops and looks at the bowl and says 'Boy, am I starved' then he pulls out a hidden box of cereal and pours it into the milky sludge in the bowl and starts to eat it.[Have barf bags ready for your group. If anyone else has a skit like this I would love to get it.

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