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Tuesday, 25 May 2004 10:45

Lemonade Stand

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In this game you split the kids up into groups (the numer of people in the group does not matter as long as you have two or more teams going against each other. Have them line up single file behind a table, and have a pitcher of water or give each shild a cup of water, a cup of sugar and a bowl of lemons already cut up. Also on the table have a cup with a black line about halfway up, a clear cup works the best. Hevae the first person of each team start by sqeuuzing the lemon in their mouth then adding a spoonful of sugar and then the water. Have them swish around and spit it in the cup, and there you have it homemade lemonade. Have the team continue to do this until their lemonade is over the black line. If you have any brave kids or leaders, have them drink the homemade lemonade. This is an excellent game to involve maybe on leader on the team too!! Enjoy!

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