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Drowned Rat

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Have two volunteers from the students start at one side of the play area and everyone else in your group on the other side. When you say start the two rats starting coming across the field having to pick-up as many waterballoons as they can. Give them a little while to start picking them up. Then say chase. When you say that all of the students on the other side run out picking up all of the other waterballoons in the field and throw them at the two rats. The two rats can throw their waterballoons at anyone WHO HAS A WATERBALLOON IN THEIR HAND. They cannot hit anyone who doesn't have a waterballoon in hand, not even if they just threw a waterballoon at them. If a rat hits one of the others without a waterballoon then they are captured and whoever they hit gets to soak them with the water from the hose. This game is good to teach them about how peer pressure and if we are not connected with more strong christians then we are going to be bomb-barded with the enemy's schemes and feel like we are being hit on everyside and we can't see how to get out of it.

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