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Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:48

Water Kick ball

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It is just like kick ball but with a twist, You Fill up three big buckets of water for the bases and then put a tarp, or if you have a slip and slide, down about 10 feet from the home base and but water and soap on it so that they can slid into home. The buckets are the bases and when they kick the ball they have to put one foot into the bucket filled with water. every base that they go to they have to stick their foot in the water. they have to keep their foot in the water untill the ball is hit if they are left on base. It is a fun game and is great to see them slide into home on the tarp and you can give more runs if they do some sweet sliding into home base. ( Make sure to clear the grass before you play of all pine cones and to make sure they wear old clothes to play in.)

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