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Friday, 16 April 2010 11:18


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All players stand in a circle with their backs facing each other. Chose one player to start the game by counting, 1-2-3 Ninja! All players turn around at this count and stand in a ninja pose. You will only be using your arms. \"The counter\" or player 1, begins the play by trying to hit someone to their left or right. They can only hit from the wrist down to get another player out. The other player can dodge. If player 1 misses, they must leave their hand in the same place where it landed. If player 1 manages to hit another player, that player loses one of their hands, and must put it behind their back for the remainder of the game. Every player whether misses or hit must leave their hand in the same place where it landed. The play continues one by one in a clockwise direction. You are allowed to move (ie. jump forward or back) as long as this is all one motion. The order of turns stays the same in the remainder of the round, even if a player manages to jump on the other side of a person. This is an awesome game. Our youth love it! Something to make the game more exciting is to have each player make a \"ninja\" sound, like Hee-yah! or Waaaah! It cracks people up and catches them off guard. Have fun!

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  • Group Size: 2+ Players
  • Source: happyfungal19
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