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Tuesday, 08 March 2005 20:15

Egyptian Bus

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This is a game of tag, so have a large area. Can be played outside also. We recommend that you use old folding chairs, as we have broken some chairs playing this game. Have enough chairs for everyone but two people, and line them up three to a row like a bus. You can have the back row with less than three chairs if necessary. Choose someone to be "it" to start. The other person without a chair gets chased. You run around the bus counter clock wise only. The person being chased avoids being tagged by sitting on the bus in a chair on the right side of any row. The people on the bus in that row move over to make room and the person on the left side is out of the bus being chased now. When the person who is "it" tags someone, they will be chased until they get on the bus or tagged. The person who is "it" may not enter the bus at all. "It" can only run around the bus until they tag someone. "It" cannot go through the bus. This game is high energy, and tons of fun to play
Wednesday, 16 February 2005 00:50

Ten-Pin Alley/Hide behind the Bunker Ball

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With all their intensity, the hit show American Gladiators inspired me to develop "Ten-Pin Alley/Hide behind the Bunker Ball" *** My group uses "gatorskin" dodgeballs. They are less likely to cause serious injury or death than the standard rubber kickball. All the balls are set up on the half court line of the gym/room. All players are lined up in traditional dodgeball format. (behind the baseline) *** Here is the variation. We have five bowling pins on each side, that are to be spread out sporadically along the baseline. Also, each team is issued three tri-fold mats. (about 4 feet tall, 6 feet wide) The kind used for gym class tumbling. Each of these mats can be set up anywhere on the team's half of the gym/room. This gives them cover during the game if they so desire. *** SPECIFICS: 1. No player may touch a mat during the game. 2. If a ball knocks over a mat, the mat is done. No setting up of the mats once they fall. 3. If a pin falls during the game, it remains down, even if a player accidentally knocks over their own pin. 4. If a player reinforces their own mat while it is under attack, or at anytime during the match, the mat is down. 5. If a player is hit with a ball (except for the face) they are out. 6. If a player catches a ball, the thrower is out. 7. If a player catches a ball, one of their teammates who is out DOES NOT get to come back in. 8. If a player gets hit, and before the ball hits the ground, a teammate catches it for them, neither the thrower or the hit player are out. 9. If all pens are down, the game is over. 10. If all players on a team are out, the game is over. 11. If all mats are down, the game is still on. (that team simply has no cover) 12. If a ball bounces off the floor, wall, or ceiling, it is dead. No catch or hit will count. 13. IT IS A BLAST !!! WARNING: DO NOT PLAY WITH NORMAL KICKBALLS. I HAVE SEEN TOO MUCH BLOOD FOR THAT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. any questions, e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. DO NOT ADD ME TO YOUR BULK LIST.
Thursday, 10 February 2005 23:51

Musical Couch

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We've all played the game "musical chairs" where everyone walks around the circle of chairs and when the music stops whoever is not in a chair is out. But, Have you played musical couch? You haven't lived until you've played musical couch. We have an old beat up couch that we placed in the center of the room. It's just like musical chairs. How do you remove a chair each time you ask? You make up the rules as you go along. Such as, "This round, everyone needs to be on the couch, but no one can be on the arms or back of the couch." Next round, "This time, only three people can be on the cushions and no one can be sitting on top of anyone else." It's a blast. Our students loved it. Warning: You might want those who "get hurt easily" to sit this one out, it does get a little rough. And, I wouldn't use a good couch for this game either.
Tuesday, 30 November 2004 09:42

Hopping Indoor Baseball

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This game is simple. It is a game of indoor baseball. Use a plastic bat and a nerf baseball or a duct tape ball. Use paper plates for bases. The rules are the same as baseball with one exception. You must hop on one leg around the bases. You must also field the ball on one leg. This will have them good and wore out, so they will not make a sound while you preach.
Saturday, 15 May 2004 01:30

DARE YOU TO MOVE (my tribute to Switchfoot!!!)

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This game is totally fun. You need a Nerf ball, and a large playing area with pleanty of places to hide. This game is a mixture of a few different game. Hide and seek and dodgeball. First you designate a person to hide the ball while the rest of the group waits. When the ball is hidden the group goes and tries to find it. Who ever finds the ball first is IT. There goal is to tag each person in the group out. Here is where it gets fun. Once the ball is found everyone goes and hides. Each player can move hiding spots as often as they want. The game can last for quite a while if there are good hiding places. We played this game in our santuary and there are tons of places to hide in there. The whole group loved it!!!! Have fun!!
Friday, 07 May 2004 17:44

Garbage Can Basketball

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This is a great way to enjoy basketball even when your kids don't claim to shoot well. The setup is similar to basketball in that there are two teams of at least 5 kids. Each team can score points by shooting the ball into their "basket." The rules of the game are flexible, but generally reflect the kid's standard basketball rules. For example, instead of dribbling or stealing the ball, when a kid gets the ball, he/she can hold it and take 3 steps, but must then either pass or shoot. But this game has the following differences: Instead of a "basket", each team has a large plastic garbage can. The garbage can is being held by someone on their own team. The Holder cannot take any steps, or move from his/her position, but is welcome to move the garbage can up or down or left or right, as long as they don't let go of the can. Also, the Holder is generally standing on top of a chair or table. Each team has to shoot the ball into their own garbage can to score a point. This shooting effort is helped by the fact that the garbage can Holder can move the garbage can to help the ball land inside the can. If Team 1 scores, then team 2 gets the ball, and so on.
Saturday, 24 April 2004 11:15

Pirates of Dark Water

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can be run for 30+ Supplies- 12 or more dodge balls(or light rubber ones, it doan madda) Maybe a hundered balloons (35 red 35 blue 30 black) 6 cheap stuffed animals (preferrebly parots) Two teams worth of bandannas (red and blue?) Two sets of 5 tee-shirts of the cheapo variety (maybe 3 green and 2 yellow for one team, and 3 orange and two blue for the other) any pirate pariphinalia that you can muster Setup- Find a large room suitable for dodgeball (commandeer one if necessary) use tape to divide the room in half, define treasure hold areas (with tape) and Brigs(jails) for each team. Have kids blow up balloons while you explain. The Game- This is an insaneoid game that looks like a whole lot of chaos but is a total blast. This game must be explained slowly because of its complexity but with as much pirate jargon you can come up with...You scurvey sea dogs. Anyways it is a combination of two games- Dodgeball and Steal the Bacon, with an added surprise. There are three types of players: Cannon (the majority of each team) Gaurds (2 people if you have 30) Thieves (3 people if 30) So first split the group into two equal teams and have them sit down. Get on that pirate smile you tiny dancer and calmly ask them if they have ever played dodgeball. Steal the Bacon? Then accost them with the loudest most ruthless pirate voice possible "WELL YOU BILGE RATS ILL WAGER THAT YA HAVENT HEARD A GAME THE LIKES OF THIS!" "THIS BE PIRATES OF DARK WATER, AN INSANEOID COMBINATION OF DODGEBALL AND STEAL THE BACON....but beware the Dark Water.." .....or something like that, anyways the game is split into three parts that all run simutaniously. Explain this, and explain that the each team must choose five people to be 2 gaurds and three thieves (they wear the shirts). Everyone on each team wears a bandanna (like a pirate grr!) Part 1- Cannons AND ONLY Cannons hurtle cannon (dodge) balls across the neutral line at enemy pirates. Normal Dodge Ball rules apply (no above the shoulder shots, bounces dont count and so on...). If a pirate is successfully hit he/she must run to the ENEMY Brig. Once in the Brig a pirate cannot leave until a teammate throws one of that teams Parrots through the air and the captured pirate catches it (parrot must not hit ground). Enemy pirates cannot block Parrots but if one falls it is theirs. A pirate with a caught parrot may safely reunite with his/her team bringing the parrot with. Yay! GAURDS AND THEIVES ARE IMMUNE TO CANNONS. Part 2- Pile up the treasure (ballons) in each team's treasure room. (i just used opposite corners of the room) Gaurds defend the treasure from Thieves via tagging. Thieves try to steal treasure. If tagged Thief goes to the Brig and can get out in the same way as a Cannon. Part 3- Dark Water affects everyone. No one is invunerable. Tape together a good ammount of black ballons in 2 blob forms (maybe 10? each) At about 5min into the game have 2 counselors bounce the blobs in each territory weaving in and out of either territory at their whim. Pirates touched by the blob immediately go to the Brig though still can be saved in the same way. Be random with the Dark Water blobs, catch the kids off gaurd, swoop in and get a lot. SCORING: Each Pirate not in the brig at the end of the game is worth 10pts. Pirates in the brig can be worth no pts or neg 5pts. you decide. Treasure= Team ballons are 5pts. Enemy ballons 10pts. you can even the odds by awarding bonus pts. for things like Valor, Cunning, Moral, Pirateness, Whimsicallity, whatever. Pirates like prizes! -Pirate-
Sunday, 04 April 2004 00:44

Death Stix

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Make a circle of chair with at least two in the middle. You will also need a pool noodle (death stix) for each chair in the middle. Students sit in chairs making the circle. A student for each death stix in the middle (not sitting in chair). The object is for the students with the stix to hit someone sitting in the circle, place the stix back on the chair and sit in the persons chair they just hit before that person grabs the stix and hit them. Sounds confusing, but once it gets going...your students will be wiped.
Monday, 22 March 2004 21:24

Russian Kickball

Written by
A fun twist on traditional kickball: Divide youth into two co-ed teams. Youth leader is "all-time pitcher." Played just like regular kickball except, only 1st and second bases (and home plate). Bases are place roughly where they would be in normal game (so run from 2nd to home is twice as long as from 1st to second. Bases should be taped out squares about 1'x1'. There are no foul kicks. Anything kicked is in play, which means kicker can kick the ball anywhere, even behind themselves. Fielders may place themselves anywhere in the room to field the ball when kicked. Outs are achieved if someone kicks the ball and it is caught (even off walls or ceiling), ball is fielded and thrown to first before runner reaches base (same for second if someone is running from 1st to second), runner is tagged, or hit, with ball, and, finally, if a base runner passes another base runner who has kicked before them (this is where it gets really crazy!). As a team "bats" and gets people on base, runners do not have to advance automatically. In other words, you can load each of the bases with as many people as you want. The catch is that if some or all do advance to the next base, they must run in order of the batting order. If a runner passes another runner, or advances out of order, they are out. Also, to help keep the game quick, line the kicking team up along the wall, and let them know that as soon as the person in front of them kicks they are up to "bat." The pitcher may pitch as soon as soon as he gets the ball back, whether or not the next kicker is ready. A ball that is rolled by the pitcher and is either not kicked or is miffed (i.e. kicker fails to kick the ball in any sort of fashion - a tapped ball counts as a kick) counts as a strike. Three strikes on a kicker counts as an out. Three outs in an inning. We try to keep the batting order the same, and try to make it every other person who kicks of the opposite gender, just to even things out a little. You can play as many innings as you wish, though nine works just fine for about a 45min-1hour game, though the amount of fielders and size of playing area does make a difference. One other important note - there are no home runs! So no matter how hard they kick it, its still played.
Saturday, 06 March 2004 22:33

Toilet Paper Wars

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Seperate the youth group into two teams(or more depending on how many kids & how much wall space you have available) Equip each team with a couple of rolls of toilet paper, and a container of water. (i give them a bucket filled about 1/3 full) The object of the game is to take wads of toilet paper, get them wet, and then throw them against a wall (designated as their teams goal area) The team with the most toilet paper wads stuck on the wall wins. Kids love this game because under normal circumstances throwing toilet paper wads is a no-no. So, there's a certain thrill to being allowed to let 'em fly.
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