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Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:27


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Have the youth lay on the floor on their backs, side-by-side, squeezed to each other an in front of each other meeting at the feet. They are to form a single file line, side-by-side and in front of each other with their feet in the air meeting at the bottoms. At the beginning of the line, give them a big ball to pass down the line by using only their feet. (Have the feet work similar to that of a "gutter" allowing the ball to move down the line.) Have them practice moving the ball to the end of the line back to the beginning of the line. Try it in teams to see who can pass the ball the quickest from the beginning to the end of the line.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:26

Everybody's IT Tag

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This game is like regular tag only everyone is 'it'. Everyone runs around trying to tag everyone else. When you're tagged, you sit down. The object is to be the last person left standing.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:23

Elf Defense

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Form two teams of elves. Each team must defend its treasure (a pile of balloons) while attempting to steal or destroy the other team's treasure. Use one color of balloons for one team, and another color for the other team. Designate a time period (five to 10 minutes) to play the game. When the time ends, each team's unpopped balloons count 100 points each. Stolen, unpopped balloons count 200 points each.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:23

Elbow Tag

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Any Number (Even Number of People) Everyone splits off into two and finds a space within the play area. They then link arms. The youth leader picks a twosome as volunteers! One member of the twosome is IT and the other runs from IT. This works like a normal game of chasing except that the person who is running can grab the free arm of any person in any other twosome at any point they like. When they do this they become a part of the twosome and the original member of the twosome who was not grabbed must now run from IT and try and link up with another twosome. If IT catches the victim, then the victim becomes IT and It becomes the victim and must run and link up with another group.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:23

Dragon Game

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Split the group into two parts. Get them into line and have them wrap their arms around the waist of the person in front of them forming a long chain. Stick a rag or handkerchief in the back pocket of the last person. The goal is for the front person of one group to get the 'tail' of the other, while the tail of the group tries to avoid getting caught.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:23

Dizzy Stick

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Dizzy stick is a very simple game but a lot of fun. My students played this game every free time they had at our last retreat. Take a broom stick and hold it above your head and then stare at the end of the stick above your head. Now spin around as many times as you can as fast as you can. Then toss the stick down. Now the object of this game is to run over to the stick and jump over it without falling down. If you jump over the stick without falling down you get a point for every time you spun around. This is a simple game but it is a lot of fun and everyone will get a good laugh out of watching each other try to get to the stick and jump over it when they are so dizzy.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:23

David & Goliath Dodgeball

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Dodgeball rules apply...2 teams, one on each end of the playing area. 2 balls, heavy enough to throw a considerable distance but light enough that it won't hurt to get hit in the face or head. Balls are set in the middle of the 2 teams (this middle is also the boundary that the teams can't cross to the opposing side of). At least one referee is needed to call the game. Ref yells "Go!", players race for the balls and try to hit the opposing team members. The ball must hit the opponent before hitting anything else. A hit player is out for the round. If a player being thrown at catches the ball before it hits anything else, the thrower is out for the round. Sound familiar, okay here's the twist: Prior to each round, each team designates a secret "Goliath" for that round. They only tell the referee(s) NOT their opposing team. At any time a secret "Goliath", is made out, buy being hit or having their thrown ball caught, the whole team goes down and the round is over. Dodgeball is fun enough. But this extra twist is fun as the kids try to guess who their opposing "Goliath" is and go for them. Also, "Quick Rounds" get a winning team pumped...when they get their opposing "Goliath" right away.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:22

Crows and Cranes

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Find a stick or other fairly sized object that is two sided. Pick two teams-crows and cranes. When the object lands on one side, crows chase cranes. When on the other side, the opposite happens. The teams start facing each other and a line is designated behind each as the goal. If the crows chase the cranes, the cranes have to get past their line before they are tagged. If they are tagged they become a crow. This lasts FOREVER!!!
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:22

Chair Balloon Ball

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A non-carpeted floor is the best surface for this game. Divide the students up into two even teams and have each team choose a goalie. Have the goalies sit across from one another at each end of the playing area. These are not traditional goalies, their job is to get the balloon and sit on it before the other team counts to three (loudly). The rest of the players all have their own chair that they can not get out of. The game style is similar to soccer but each player moves around the room in a chair and uses their free hand to hit the balloon and their other hand to hold onto the chair. The teams play offense and defense and score when their goalie (who is on the other end of the playing area) pops a balloon. note to leader: have each kid blow up one balloon before you get started, the game moves fast.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:22

Chain Tag

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Like normal tag, but when a person is caught they must hold the hand of the person who caught them. You therefore, end up with a 'chain'. Only The people at each end of the chain can tag someone.
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