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Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:21

Bean Ball Basketball

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INSTRUCTIONS: In this game you put one of the buckets on one one one side of the basketball court and the other one on the other side. this game is like regular basketball but with buckets. In this game you will need two teams of at least 4-5 players(it works best that way). In the gameplay you can't run when you have the beanbag in your hand, but your friends can run. So you have to pass the beanbag back and forth to get the beanbag in the other teams bucket. If you toss the beanbag and it lands in the bucket, but it knoks the bucket over, you will have to see if the beanbag is still in the in the bucket if not the team does not get the point. The team that at least has gotten 5 goals is the team that wins.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:20

Amazon Women

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You seperate the guys from the girls. They guys all lay down on the floor of the open area. They hook themselves together by arms and legs. Then the girls walk over and try to pry the guys apart from each other. Once a guy has been pryed off he cannot reconnect to the same guy or another. The girls have three (3) minutes to completely take the guys apart.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:20

3 Ball Soccer

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Simply Count everyone off by two's as if you were playing soccer with even teams. Make sure you count the girls/guys seperately to ensure even teams. One ball represents the guys only, another ball the girls, and the third ball is co-ed. To make this an extra zinger...allow them to carry the balls for three steps and throw it. My group loves this! In smaller rooms where kicking a ball is n't cool exchange them for a frisbee!
Monday, 22 February 2010 15:25

The Squirrel Game

Items Needed: 10 pool noodles cut in half (you can also use rolled up newspaper) or enough for each adult in your group. How to Play: Each student pairs up with another student. They grasp eachothers forearms in front of each other to form a hole called the "tree.” Then pick 10-20 students to be squirrels, depending on the size of your group. Each squirrel goes and stands in the middle of a tree. Make sure that there are several squirrels who do not have trees. Then pass out the pool noodles to your adults who want to play. When you say go each squirrel must find a tree. If another squirrel comes to his tree, he must get out and risks being hit by an adult with the pool noodle. The squirrels can continue being hit until they find a tree. This game is just fun for everyone, there is no winner. The point is to run around and burn off energy while having fun! Let the students take turns being squirrels and being trees. Only the adults should be the ones to hit the squirrels. Enjoy!
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 06:22

Ultimate Cabbage

Ultimate Cabbage is a fairly simple game. It's the same as Ultimate Frisbee...but with a cabbage. Teams advance the cabbage to their goal - players in possession of the cabbage can only take 2 steps before needing to throw it to a teammate. You'll want to have a few cabbages on hand though, because they only last a few minutes of throws and drops. The only downside is that you will have a floor full of cabbage guts by the end. The good news? Cabbages don't stain or ruin floors, and clean up fairly easily.
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 06:22

Monkey Ball

2 Chairs at each end of the playing area. Around the chairs there is a "monkey area" where only the goalie can be. One ball in the middle. Teams are trying to score by hitting the chair with the ball. The monkey has to guard the chair from the ball hitting it. Teams can only move when they don't have the ball and can only pivot when they have the ball. Similar to ultimate frisbee, but with a foursquare ball. It's a blast and it gets a little exciting every once in a while. 
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