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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:01

Name on the Back Game

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Put different names on pieces of paper and tape onto each person's back. They can follow a theme, like Biblical names or cartoon characters or whatever. Then everyone has to go around asking yes or no questions of other people in order to find out what name is on their back.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:00

Name Game

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Split up the group into 2 teams. (girls against guys is good). Use blanket or large canopy to separate the 2 teams so that neither group can see each other. 2 volunteers will hold divider up. Both teams decides on one person to quietly go up to the very front of the divider to be poised in any position just as long as they are right in front of the divider. On the count of 3, the divider is dropped and the person to call out the name of the other person first is the winner. This game is great fun and allows for everyone to remember each others names.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:00

Musical Clothes

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Everyone is seated in a circle on the floor. As music is played, the bag of clothes is handed around quickly without hesitation. When the music is stopped, whoever is holding the bag must put on the item of clothing that they pick out first. This game lasts until the clothes are gone. Whoever has the most articles of clothing on in the end wins.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:59

Musical Circles

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Have each person find a partner. Have them make two circles - one inside the other (each partner should be in a different circle facing their partner.) The object is to be the last couple in the game. NOTE: You'll need a CD player or tape player. When the music is ON they should be walking around in their circles - In opposite directions. (i.e.: inner circle clockwise and outer circle counter-clockwise.) When you STOP the music yell out 2 body parts (i.e.: foot and ear) and they need to find their partner and connect the body parts (i.e...touch one persons foot to the other person's ear). They need to hold their position until you tell them to circle up again. After a couple of practice rounds, start calling the last 2 or 3 couples out, and have them sit by the side. If you have some good music, have them clapping with the music to keep from getting bored (or in trouble)You can use any number of body parts i.e.: rump, knee, foot, ear, head, nose, etc...usually as a last one - when there's only a couple of couples left, (for the older kids) use something like nose to nose, or nose to ear. . they don't really end up doing anything, but it looks incriminating, and the hesitation can often be funny
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:59

Musical Chairs With A Twist

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Set up enough chairs for everyone in a circle. Play like normal musical chairs. Have everyone walk around the chairs while music plays. Take away a chair or a few chairs depending on # of people playing. then stop music. Everyone must grab a chair. here is the twist... No one ever gets out. Grab a chair rather or not anyone is sitting in it or not. Continue this pattern until you have only one chair left (if you have a group over 25.. you may have to have two chairs left at the end.) You end up with everyone sitting on each other in one chair. it's funny and unexpected. Everyone rushes to a chair because they think they will get out if they don't get one. Plus no one feels bed because they lost good to use before a devotional on encouragement or something similar. You can play the game regularly first then do it this way. Ask the group to compare how they felt with each game.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:59

Musical Balloons

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This game is played like musical chairs except in order to get a chair you must sit on a balloon on that chair. You can use any Christian music, techno works well. When it's down to the last two people you put a balloon filled with shaving cream in the chair, with out the kids knowing. The winner gets a nice surprise. They should be rewarded candy, tea-shirt, cd, or whatever. Be prepared, when we played it turned into a pretty messy shaving cream fight.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:59

Muscle Beach

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Ask the guys in the group each to bring an oversize sweat shirt. Don't tell kids what the sweat shirt will be used for. Also, bring to the meeting 10 to 15 balloons for every four kids in your group. Keep the balloons in the packages until the activity begins. Form teams of four with at least one guy on each team. Have each team choose a guy to represent it, then ask those chosen guys to come to the front and put on an oversize sweat shirt. Tell the kids: The object of this contest is to make a "muscle man" for "muscle beach." Each team will blow up, tie off and stuff as many balloons as it can into the sweat shirt of its muscle man. The goal is to make your guy as "muscular" as possible. You will have just two minutes. Break open the packages of balloons, and put them in the center of the group. Blow a whistle to start the competition, and blow it again after two minutes. Have a panel of judges made up of sponsors to declare a winning muscle man. The first guy to break all his balloons by himself is also declared a winner.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:58

Mummy Wrap Relay

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Divide into as many teams as needed; have each team divide into 2 groups, which are at opposite ends from each other; first person in each individual team must wrap themselves into the sheet by laying down and rolling up into the sheet, (must have arms inside of sheet) stand up (can get help from team members to stand up, if needed) and then run to their other team group and unroll themselves, then that team member at the other end must do the same. Ist team to have everyone do the same wins.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:58

Moose, Moose

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You need at least 5 people (you can play with less) to play. You start with everyone in a circle. One person is Moose, Moose. This person starts the game. Now, everyone in the circle chooses an animal, like, gator, gator or cat, cat or shark, shark. Along with the animals, you have hand signals. For example, Moose, Moose would put both hands on their head and make like two horns (like Bullwinkle), another example would be gator, gator, he would put his arms in front like an alligator's mouth. You can make up more animals with hand signals as needed. Now Moose, Moose starts the game by signaling his signal and saying 'Moose, Moose Cat, Cat' the game is now on cat, cat. You keep passing the game from player to player in no particular order. When someone messes up they must move from their position and sit to the left of Moose, Moose, we called that character Pig, Pig and they made a pig nose as their signal.The game can get real intense and fun, because when someone slips up everyone laughs. It's usually a funny mistake.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:58


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1. Have the groups stand in a circle. One person (perhaps the instructor) will start the game by creating a pose. The person on his/her right will try to imitate the pose exactly. She will then change poses and the person to her right will attempt to imitate her exactly. This should continue around the circle. 2. Make it more fun by having it go both ways around the circle (right and left).
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