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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:54

Mall Games - Part 8

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We have done PEOPLE scavenger hunts in malls. You give a description of a person to find and then let them go. The people they are looking for know they are being sought. When found, the sought simply signs a card the seeker carries and then goes about their business. This works well if you are in town...on a trip to a mall out of town may present some interesting possibilities. Perhaps hooking up with another church in the town to be visited and have them plant the people? Have fun...
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:53

Mall Games - Part 7

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We do a progressive Mall hunt in December to coincide with our Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. It works out fun. We have 10 leaders who dress up as something (nun, old lady, security guard) stuff like that and then our kids have to find them. For each person they find we give them a $1 gift certificate in that mall. It gets expensive. We usually hit about 4 of the big malls here in Seattle. We have also done a scavenger hunt in the malls, where we give them the clues and they have to find what the item is we are describing. You give them details like, drug store, isle 7, bottom row, on sale for 1.24. Just corny things like that. God Luck with your activity! This can be time consuming and take a lot of planning.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:53

Mall Games - Part 6

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Our group has done a Where's Waldo at the mall. Get someone the kids all know to dress in a way they normally wouldn't and then just walk around the mall. (they can do their shopping as well!) Then, as the kids are doing their shopping, they watch for "Waldo". The winner can get something like a $5 gift certificate to a store in the mall.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:53

Mall Games - Part 5

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One of the most memorable thing I ever did when I was in a high school youth group is when we went to the mall for the annual "Leader Hunt". All the adult leaders would dress up in disguises and get to the mall ahead of time and we would get in groups and try and find them. If we did, we had to say a certain code to them. If they were one of the leaders, they had to respond a certain code back and then they would sign our sheets of all the leaders names. It was awesome! The head youth guy, a usually very conservative dressed and acting guy, was a punker hanging out by the exit. We were scared to go up to him. One of the leaders put shoe polish on his face and went around cleaning windows. Invariably some youth would go up to someone who was not one of leaders and say the embarrassing code words. Tell me if you try this and how it goes.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:52

Mall Games - Part 4

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AND...we've done the BLUE SHMOO game. Have someone you know (and the kids don't) go to the mall wearing something blue (or any color). Kids have to go around asking people with blue on (maybe excluding jeans) if they are the BLUE SHMOO. The real BLUE SHMOO has a gift certificate to a cookie place or something for the first group to find him/her. (This works pretty well with a specific color hat at an amusement park).
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:52

Mall Games - Part 3

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I've also done sound scavenger hunts at the mall. Make a list of sounds to be recorded such as elevator door bell, someone ordering food, a kid crying, answers to stupid questions from sales clerks. Then send out the teams with recorders in hand. Play the results back at the end .... it's usually pretty funny.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:52

Mall Games - Part 2

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Well...this may be a little corny...but I've done a home-grown "Where In The Mall Is Carmen San-Diego?" I made up a series of clues which lead to more clues...etc...a different set of clues for how many teams there were. These clues were then placed around the mall in various objects. For example...."Carmen's been leaving messages...and clues"--which leads (hopefully) to answering machines (at Radio Shack...etc). Inside one of these machines, I'd placed another clue like "Carmen's got a real sweet tooth"--leading to another clue in a sugar jar at a kitchen shop. And so on.... The last clue leads to where Carmen is (all team's sets of clues should lead to the same place) and this could either be the board game or video game in a toy store. We placed "I was here first" "second" etc cards there so we knew who won. In case clues were missing from their original places, the teams could come see us, tell us where they looked, and get a copy of the next clue if they looked in the right place. We taped clues under benches and restaurant tables too...which made it really hilarious to watch these kids ask people if they could look under their bench/table. CAUTION: Might want to check with the mall and/or stores where you hide clues.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:51

Mall Games

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We just held a picture scavenger hunt at the Mall. We bought a couple disposable cameras and the kids had to get someone else to take a picture of the whole team with the item on the list. We used things like landmarks, specialty stores, getting demonstration on certain products, etc. The kids had a blast and then we got the pictures developed at the 1 hour shop and we have pictures of the groups for our scrapbooks too. We put different point values on more difficult or weird shots like stomach painting on the guys, etc.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:51

Listening to God

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I. Materials A stack of 8x11(inches) sheets of paper...about 30-50 sheets. (cool colors if you have them). One blind fold. II. Time Depends on how long you want to reuse the person usually takes 15 minutes.... III. Objective The objective is for the blind folded person to walk from one side of the room to the other without touching one of the papers. You blind fold the person and tell them that their goal is to reach the other side of "life" without touching a square paper. After you blind fold that person, pick one person (the blind folded person can not know who this person is going to be ) to be the voice of the Holy Spirit.... The rest of the group line up along the two side walls of the hall - they cannot come next to the blindfolded person, and cannot touch them. Neither can they move from their starting positions. Only the person playing the "Holy Spirit" can move along the walls. The rest of your group tries to get the blind folded person to step on the squares of paper. SO the challenge comes for the blind folded person to listen to a voice she trusts and listen to them and try to block out all the other voices in the group... Most of the time they will fail and listen to the wrong person... Use this exercise to lead into a discussion about tons of things -how to better listen to God -trusting other people -the effects of other influences in our lives -how to discern the love of God in a world where people deceive you. Try it out. Should be fun, and a good object lesson.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:51

Line Soccer

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Divide students into equal teams and have them line up on two parallel lines facing each other. (Use tape or chalk or spray paint the weeds in the back lot to make lines if you don't have a gym or basketball court). Count off members of each team as you would for steal the bacon. (each team has someone who is a one, two, three, etc.)Place a soccer ball in the center and call a number. The students whose number you called come out and try to score a goal by kicking the ball past the opposite team. All students left on the lines are goalies and can use hands and feet to stop the ball, but must stay on the line. Those who are trying to score must play regular soccer rules (no hands, etc.)Balls kicked over the heads of the "goalies" that are out of reach don't count (judgment call of the ref. is final) and cones (or sweatshirts) set up on the four corners mark out of bounds.After they get the hang of it call more than one number at a time, or call all numbers or play with more than one ball. It's handy to have a second ball so when one gets kicked down the ravine, into the blackberry bushes, or into the creek the game can keep going while some students hunt down the wild ball.
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