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Monday, 12 September 2005 11:34

One Bounce Hackey

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Everyone knows the game Hackey, played with a small sack of wheat, keeping the ball in the air using only feet or body. NO HANDS!! One Bounce Hackey is the same game played with a soccer ball or similar sized ball, and it is allowed to bounce once before the game is over. Alternatively people can be out if it is their fault that the ball bounced twice. This game can go forever and is huge amounts of fun. Can be played indoor or outdoor with any number (best with 8 - 15) Needs: a soccer ball or similar ball
Monday, 25 July 2005 17:49

What's Up Dog

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The game is simple... sit every one down in a circle so that there is no left over seats and one person in the middle. The person in the middle askes a random person "what's up dog". there are 2 possible responses: 1. "Nothin' aright! " which anyone of the gender of the person standing to have to get up and move... there is always someone left standing. or 2. "Nothin' you _______ Dude/Dudette! " Whatever in placed in the blank (ex: blond hair, orange shirt, sandles, etc) anyone with that item must move. It is a sustained game that can go on for hours.
Wednesday, 13 April 2005 10:56

pass the bacon

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I found this game when I went on a mission trip to Haiti. Everyone gets in a big circle. (the bigger the better) Then one person that is it, stands in the center with their eyes closed until the game starts. Then give one of the circle members somthin that will fit in everyones hand. (key, rabbits foot, folded peice of paper) With everyones hands in front of them (the entire game) the circle passes the object without the person in the middle seeing them.(this is when the person it can open their eyes) If the person it touches your hands then you have to open them, and if you have the object then you are it.
Monday, 06 December 2004 20:56

Pyramid Race

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This game is easy. If you want to go big you can use round trashcans that are exactly the same, if not you can use paper cups. You bring up 2 students to race each other who can build pyramids and take them down the fastest. They build pyramids with a 5 trashcan/cup bottom, 4, 3 ,2, and get them back stacked on top of each other the fastest. This game tests their nerves and balance.
Friday, 03 December 2004 12:35

Body Relay

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You will need teams of five people. Each team player will have on a blindfold except one. Together the team forms a body. Two will be legs, two members arms, and one the head. The head will not be blindfolded. On go, the body will race to different sections where different activities will be set up. Example drinking a coke, eating a sandwich, combing your hair, be creative. The object is the legs arm the only ones that can transport the arms and head. The arms are the only ones who can pick up the objects when they reach it during the relay. The head is the only one who can see, talk, eat, etc. The head can only move her head. The arms can only pick up things. The legs can only carry people. note: I try to make all five move at the same time, but if the legs are not strong enough I let them carry one at a time and allow the head to direct them back to the other students/body parts. Make sure the legs and arms do not talk and the head does not walk or use it's arms. You can use this as an object lesson about the body of Christ.
Friday, 03 December 2004 12:33

Search the Scriptures

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This is a great way to get kids into learning a Bible verse. Beforehand, print out the words to the verse on different colored paper (one color per team) and then cut up the words. Hide them around the building. Form teams and send them off to find all the words, and then bring them back to reassemble the verse. The youth enjoy getting to run around competitively, and yet they are having to put Scripture together as well.
Friday, 19 November 2004 09:53

Spreading The Gospel

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Talk to the kids about the difficulty and trials some missionaries face around the world. Then divide into two or three groups. One group is the missionaries, one group is the non-believers and one group (optional) is the unreached people who know nothing about Jesus. Take a large piece of masking tape and make a line on the floor. Write "Missionaries" on it. Take another piece of tape and space it a distance from the first and write "Un-Reached People." In the mean time, take plain paper and write phrases such as "I want to tell you about Jesus" or "Can I talk to you about Jesus." Photo copy numerous sheets and have the kids make paper airplanes. Also take sheets of newspaper and role them into "Baseball Bats" or a similar device and wrap tape around them to keep them from opening. Have one group of children be the missionaries with the airplanes. Have one group lay on the floor on their backs with the newspaper baseball bats, they are the non-believers. Have the missionaries try to send the word of Jesus to the un-reached people while the non-believers try to stop the word (airplanes) from reaching them by hitting the airplanes with their newspaper baseball bats. It is optional to have a group of kids be the un-reached and they can try to catch the airplanes. It is a great portrayal of what the missionaries must face as they travel and teach about Jesus.
Tuesday, 16 November 2004 10:33

Chinese laundry series 2

Written by
(Instead of the kids giving us items, stick a pile of items in the middle of the floor divide them into 4 teams then call a item and then the kids have to race to the middle of the floor and get that item and race back to their teams before their opponents do)
Monday, 27 September 2004 23:18

I Sit

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You get some chairs in a circle with just one open. The person on the left of the chair moves to the chair and says "I sit", the next person says "in the grass", then a third person moves and says "with my friend..." then they say the name of a person in the circle. That person then moves to the unoccupied chair. Now with the now unoccupied chair, the people istting on the left and right sides of the chair try to get in it first and say "I sit". Then you just start over again. This can go on forever. This game is very interesting when you get a very large group.
Saturday, 14 August 2004 01:41

Iron Chef

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Get some fish and chips. The kids then mould and use them to create other "Gourmet" dishes - we got each group to create a four course meal. Rules - you can't create fish and chips. You'll need to mash, mould, flake etc the food to do this (eg if you finely flake the fish, you get "rice"; "wontons" can be made using the batter etc) Then, someone brings their dog along. All groups put their course on the ground and the one the dog eats first is the winner. For the sake of the dog, get the food unsalted! Doesn't have any moral or teaching value at all, but is good fun!
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