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Thursday, 18 February 2010 12:47


Have players stand in a circle about an arms' span away from each other. Have a volleyball (not fully pumped) at your disposal. Game rules are as follow: You can decided whether standard volleyball ball handeling rules apply. Players are to pass (bump)the volleyball around the circle. When a player misses the ball, over hits it or otherwise makes an unhitable pass (you be the judge of who's fault it is), they are to sit in the middle of the circle. Players still standing are able to bump, set and then spike the ball at the person(s) in the middle. If a person in the middle catches the ball, they are back in the circle and the person who last touched the ball is in the middle. If a spiked ball hits a player in the middle, the hitter is 'safe' and the game resumes. If a player who spikes the ball at the middle group and misses, they are then to sit in the middle. Game is 'won' when there is only one person left standing.
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 03:22

In room scavenger hunt

Split your students into roughly equal groups. Group size should be no smaller than 5 and probably not larger than 20. Have a "caller" in the front of the room with a list of things that students would likely have with them. The caller calles off the first item and who should bring it up (boy/girl/any student). Which ever group gets to the caller with the item, first, wins the round. Some examples of items I've uses in the past are: 3 socks, 4 cell phones, gum (chewed or unchewed), a headband, 4 earings, two shoelaces (out of the shoes), 5 shoes. a student ID, get the idea. So it goes something like "I need a boy with 4 cell phones" and kids start throwing their phones at a boy in their group and he runs up with them and tags me. We've even played it with parents, on parent night. With parents you can add items like credit cards and car keys.
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 06:22

Tennis Ball Head

Items needed: Fresh pair of panty hose, tennis ball, two liter bottle filled less than half full with water and sealed, something to keep time with, willing youth, and a video camera! One by one the youth are challenged to knock over the two liter by using the tennis ball. Only the tennis ball is at the bottom of the leg on the panty hose and the panty hose are put on thier head. They must fling thier head around in order to get the ball swinging. Then hopefully they knock the bottle over.No hands! Best time wins or set up several bottles and make it a race. For a look at this game here is my youth playing: Make sure you catch it on camera cause this game is hilarious!
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