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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:35

Tetherball Contact Dropout

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Leader sits on the ground and swings a tetherball violently overhead like a lariat as close to the ground as possible. Players join around in a circle within range of circling tetherball. When the leader says "Go," all players must move within radius of the tetherball circle and jump the ball and rope as it circles under them. If a player is touched or knocked down
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:34

Task Relay

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This game is a relay. Divide kids up into 2 teams. Have a volunteer stand about 15 feet in front of the line holding a basket or hat with each hand. In the basket are 10 or 12 (depending on how many kids you have) slips of paper with things the kids must do or perform. When we have done this game in the past, some of the items have been "Get your whole team to sing the Brady Bunch theme song with you," "Name 5 US Presidents" "Run around the church 5 times screaming "I Love Jesus" "Form a pyramid with everyone on your team" and so on. The papers can really say almost ANYTHING which is what makes this game fun. Be creative. The first team to finish wins.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:34

Take One

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This game is normally played with Scrabble Tiles but we enlarged them by using 9 inch pizza boxes (picked up from a pizza making supply store). Divide your group into teams of at least 2 and give them a designated location in the room. Place all the tiles faced down in the center of the room. Have each team take 7 tiles. On "Go!" each team must use all their tiles to create a word or words that are connected just the like the game Scrabble. When a team has used all their tiles they yell "take one!" at which every team must run and grab another tile. Sometimes it gets pretty loud so we substitute shouting "take one!" with ringing a bell. The game is over when all the tiles are used up. Scoring is done by counting up all the points on the tiles as you would in Scrabble. Start with all the words spelled vertically and then horizontally. Remember that tiles used in two words are counted twice. Here's a hint, try and use three letter words which would look like this: c sat tan not bun You get the idea. It works best because each letter gets used twice -- twice the points.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:34


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Swat is just that, you swat people. It is similar to other games. You take a rolled up newspaper or magazine and tape it up. There is one person who is it and everyone else sits on chairs in a circle around them. One person starts by standing and saying a persons name. The "IT" person finds the person who's name was called and tries to "Swat" them with the swat stick before they can call another person's name. If they get swatted first, they are it. The person who was it now goes to sit in their seat, but must say a person's name before they sit down. You must hit below the knee. If you slide your chair back to miss being swatted, you are automaticly it. This game needs supervised so it doesn't get out of hand. We have an awesome time in youth group playing this.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:34

Swamp Crossing

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Divide group into two teams. Give each team 3 "rocks" (construction paper cutouts about 1 1/2' x 1 1/2'). Make a start and finish line (maybe 30 feet apart) and tell them that they must get their whole team across without touching the water, using only these rocks to get across. They may move the rocks as they go, however, only one foot can be on a rock at a time. A cool puzzle to try and figure out! Great for building cooperation skills!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:34

Sumo Wrestling

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Two teens put on sweats and then stuff with as many pillows as possible, the more the better. Both teens then procede to do "Sumo" type wrestling. first one to "up-end" the other wins the match. can have multiple matches. Very funny watching the person "down" trying to get up.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:34

Stupid Name Game

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*this is great for an ice breaker or for getting names memorized 1. Have students stand in a circle. 2. You will start by stating your name and showing an action or mannerism that you commonly. 3. The person to the instructor's left will state the instructors name and mannerism and then add his/her name and then his/her mannerism. This continues around the circle until the last person can remember every person's name and mannerism.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:33

Strobe Light SAM

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Mount strobe light in room so you can turn on and off at will. Play Sharks and Minnows game, lining up all contestants against one wall, instructing them to run to the other wall without getting tagged by the sharks in the middle. The sharks in the middle are saran-wrapped together, back to back and must tag a minnow to get them out. Play starts when strobe light goes on. Turn normal lights back on after each run. Do not play with people running from both directions...too we discovered...too late.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:25

Straw Towers

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Divide your people into groups of about six-ish. Any number of groups (that can fit in the room) can play. Materials: Tons of drinking straws (about the diameter of McDonald's (burger) straws, BUT the soft kind AND simple and straight) about 50-100 straws to each group. 2 small rolls of tape per group. One small 'corner' of the room per group. Give about 10 minutes to see which group can make the tallest self supporting structure. Say that they then have to bring their masterpieces to the front, and see whose structure remains standing the longest.When the construction time is up, have each group move their structure to the front of the room. Then you proceed to give a short (not too short) talk about what your life is based on.*Note - I don't have the slightest idea of what the speaker was saying at this point (when I was participating in this game) so don't put too much important points in your talk here. (everyone will be watching the structures, not the speaker). As time progresses, these straw structures will topple over/collapse/get blown down by the fan/etc one by one. Acknowledge each one as it drops, and at the end you can discuss with the group what makes the good ones stay up, and why those on the ground have fallen. Pay particular attention to the base/foundations of these structures. Conclude that one needs a strong (good/solid/big/firm/etc) foundation (=Jesus/Christian values) for ones life, or something to that effect. (The best structures seem to be those constructed like the Eiffel Tower or oil rigs.**During the 10-15 minutes allotted to build the straw towers, you can move around and watch to see who are the leaders and who are the followers (if you wish).
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 15:23

Story Noises Off

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1. Have two volunteers come to the front of the room. One will stand facing the class/audience. The second volunteer will stand behind the other, with his or her back away from the audience. 2. The class will come up with a title to a story. 3. The person facing the audience must create a story from the given title while the other volunteer creates sound effects. The sound effects can either accentuate the story or encourage it.
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