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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:42

Pass the Scissors

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Have everyone sit in a circle. The first person to start the game knows how to play, and the object is to figure out how to correctly pass the scissors from one person to the next. The first person passes the scissors to the person next to him/her, explaining that this is the correct way to pass the scissors. The next person then attempts to pass the scissors correctly, while those who know how to play let him/her know if they did. The trick? The scissors must be passed open if the person's legs are crossed, and closed if the person's legs are uncrossed. Continue at least once around the circle.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:41

Pass It On

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The entire group forms a circle. Everyone is given an object which can be large, small or any shape (ie: bowling ball, trash can, shoe, etc). On a signal, every one passes his object on the right, keeping the objects moving at all times. When a person drops any object, he must leave the game, but his object stay in. As the game progresses, more people leave the game making it harder and harder to avoid dropping an object since there are more objects than people. The winner is the last person remaining
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:41

Paper Planes - Salvation Object Lesson

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Give each one in the group a piece of paper. Tell them all to make a paper airplane. Then have each of them come up one at a time and attempt to fly their plane out of the building or something impossible like that. Find the one who came the closest and have them come up and say that they were the best, but even the best we have failed. Then go into how the word "sin" translates in the NT as "to miss the mark" as they all will have done. Then you can go into the Rom. 3:23 stuff about all have sinned. At the end you can either pick all the planes up (have people pass them to the center) or have someone to be Jesus come and pick them up and carry them to the original goal. This is to show that even though we all fail, Christ can carry us and only through Him do we have salvation and can we reach our destination.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:40

P.B. & J.

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Two guys are geting ready for their dates, after working out at the gym. (Have to be really sweaty. Need two volunteers who are not afraid of anything.) The thing is, they don't have any deoderant, hair gel, and did not have time to eat. They then pull out the PB and put it under their arms for deoderant. Next they pull out the jelly for the hair gel. Now they are ready for their dates. But one thing remains, they are still hungry. They then pull out the bread, taking one slice and rubbing their armpits. Taking the other slice and rubbing their head. Then putting the two pieces of bread together for their sandwhiches. But that's not all. They switch snadwhiches and have a bite or two!!!! This will gross out anybody, kids or adults!!! This is an awesome ice breaker for new groups!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:40

Oreo Slide

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This game is a great 'challenge' for retreats or social outings. Ask for 8-10 volunteers depending on your group size. Be sure to leave enough people in the audience as it is almost more fun to watch than it is to participate! Give each volunteer one Oreo cookie and ask them to carefully open it so that one side has the icing and one side has none. They can save the non-icing side to eat later. When everyone has one half of the Oreo with the icing intact, ask each person to stick it to his or her forehead. The Oreo will stick at first but body heat melts the icing sufficiently for it to start sliding down the volunteer's face in only a couple of seconds. The object of the game is to be the first person to get the Oreo in his or her mouth without touching it. They are allowed to wiggle and scrunch up their faces as much as possible but no hands, etc. It is hilarious to watch (get your cameras ready!!) and the Oreo's keep the volunteers happy! Play as many times as you like--it's always a winner with the youth.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:40

Oreo on Glass

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Start with a large sheet of Plexiglas -- about 6 feet long, 4 feet high. Put it upright on the floor longways (two people need to hold it), like this: 6ft ------------------------------- | | 4ft | | | | | | ------------------------------- Clean it.Divide the Plexiglas in two with a piece of masking tape, giving you this: 6ft --------------------------------- | | | 4ft | | | | | | | | | --------------------------------- Now take the Oreos and separate the halves -- then take the half that retains the white stuff and stick it to the Plexiglas. Put the same amount on each side, scattered randomly, high and low.Get two volunteers, or just pick two people, for the game.Face the Plexiglas so that the white side of the Oreos is facing the rest of the audience. Then stand the two "contestants" behind the Plexiglas, facing everyone. Their goal: eat the Oreos off the Plexiglas without using any part of their body other than their mouth. Give 'em a minute or two and then let 'em go!It's hilarious. I've thought of doing it with the two contestants facing each other, but decided against it. :) THAT would create an awkward situation or two, especially if you lined up the Oreo halves on each side!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:39

On the Wall Charades

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Before the game create a list of one or two syllable words. Clear a large space on the wall and form 2 teams. Have each team choose a representative to start the game. Explain to kids that you'll show their selected team members a word that they must convey to their team. Tell the kids that they must convey the word in only one way: by using their heads as imaginary pencils to spell the words on the wall. Play several rounds so each team member gets a turn at writing on the wall. The team that's able to guess the correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:39

No Who

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Here's the exhaustive rules to "No Who". It's a lot like "Prince of Paris" or "Yes Sir, Yes sir" but has a different frantic twist to it. It's called "No Who". In "No Who" you have everybody sit around in a circle (4-15 players is best) and everybody is given a number. The #1 spot is the best and the last spot is the worst. The goal is to get to the #1 spot the fastest and then to keep it the longest. The #1 person starts by saying, "No Who #1 says..." then a number. For instance, "No Who #1 says 3". When your number is called, you say, "No". So, #1: "No Who #1 says 3." #3: "No." Then the person who started will ask, "who?" #1: "No Who #1 says 3." #3: "No." #1: "Who?" Then the person who is asked who, will answer with a new number. #1: "No Who #1 says 3." #3: "No." #1: "Who?" #3: "6" So, since 6's number was called, the process repeats: #1: "No Who #1 says 3." #3: "No." #1: "Who?" #3: "6" #6: "No" #3: "Who?" #6: "2" #2: "No" #6: "Who" #2: "1" #1: "No" etc. So, once again, when your number is called, you answer, "No." When someone answers, "No." to you, you ask, "Who?" And when someone asks you, "Who?", you give another number. Only #1 says, "No Who Number One says..." when they restart the game as a sign that the game is restarting. This is a game that needs a lot of concentration and "mental reflexes". Because pretty soon you start going after specific people or going back and forth with someone in a "No Who War". Example: #1: "No Who #1 says 7." #7: "No." #1: "Who?" #7: "1" #1: "No." #7: "Who?" #1: "7" #7: "No." #1: "Who?" #7: "1" #1: "No."...etc. The game stops when someone "messes up". That person then takes the last number and seat, and everyone behind the person moves up one number and one seat. Ways you can "mess up": (1) Saying a number that isn't there (since a game lasts as long as people want to play, the number of players can get smaller and people might forget). (2) Saying your own number. (3) Taking more than 3 seconds to respond. (4) Saying something out of order (i.e. like saying "No" when you should ask "Who?"). (5) Talking out of turn. By saying "No" when somebody else's number was called. Advanced tactics of No Who: (1) Concentrate better on remembering your current number by writing it down, holding that number of fingers so you can see them, or by repeating your number in your mind. (2) Look at one person and say somebody else's number. (3) Yell loudly. (4) Laugh while you do it. (5) Combination of turning towards somebody and yelling loudly someone else's number. (6) Hold a No Who War by going back and forth with them and then say somebody else's number that sounds like the number you were warring against while looking at them to try and trick them. Advantage of "No Who": "No Who" doesn't necessarily have to involve moving positions as long as everybody keeps their number straight (this version is recommended more for people who've played before). This is an advantage because it now becomes the best "Road Game" for road trips. You can play it in a van, or with a group that is walking, hiking, or waiting.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:39

Name That Tune

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Basically a take off on the old game show by the same name. You will need a stereo system of some sort as well as numerous CD's and/or tapes - the kids also enjoy being able to bring their own music (make sure they mark their own stuff because the music will likely get mixed up). Divide the group into two teams and have each team select a "captain." The basic premise of the game is to have the two teams bid on who can name the song and artist played in the least amount of time. Before the bidding, I usually give them a couple of categories such as, for example, the type: Christian/Secular/Country/Etc., and skill level: Easy/Medium/Hard, and occasionally, the time frame: year/decade/etc. One team starts the bidding, through their captain, by saying they can name it in, for example, 45 seconds. The other team then has the opportunity to bid below that time, and so on until one team is not willing to bid below the other. I set a bottom bid limit of 2 seconds (which they still usually get). I found it works best to have all bids/answers come through the “captain” so no confusion is created by someone blurting something out. I also require that there is a team majority to bid below 5 seconds so one person doesn’t get the whole team into trouble. Once a final bid is made, I play the song from the beginning for the bid time. At that time, the team who has the bid has 20 seconds or so to submit their guess through the captain. If they guess correctly, they get 3 points. If they cannot guess it or guess incorrectly, the other team has a chance to steal for 2 points if they can guess correctly at that time. If neither team gets it, I play the song for 30 seconds more (or longer if needed) and take the first hand I see during that time for an answer. If guessed correctly, that team is awarded 1 point. You can play for a certain amount of time or up to a certain point level. The rules can obviously be changed as necessary for your group.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:38

Name That Food

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Get three large boxes(big enough to fit a person under) and cover each of them with a sheet or towel. the last box should have a hole big enough for a person to put their head through in the top(have this set up before youth group). then place a large bowl on the top of each box. Get three volunteers and explain that they will be timed on how fast they will be able to identify the food object under each bowl. send them away and queitly put a person underneith the third box, explaining to them that their job is to scare the unexpecting competitor. this will get some great reactions.
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