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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:37

Name Game #1 - Variation 1

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Group in a circle; first person says name; 2nd person says first persons name, then his name; 3rd person says 1st person's name, 2nd person's name then his own name. Go around until last person has said everyone's names.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:36

My Ship Goes Sailing

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There should be no fewer than 5-6. The players can sit in a circle, at a table, or just in living room. One player starts by saying "My ship goes sailing" and adds one word their ship might sail with such as bamboo. The next player must then reply "My ship goes sailing with bamboo", then adds their own cargo. This continues with all the players adding their own cargo after repeating the previous cargo in the order given. When a player misses they are "out" and the game continues until there is only one left.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:36

Musical Squirt Gun

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Can be played with a group ranging from 6 - 30 (can also be played outdoors). Group sits in a circle on chairs or on the floor. A loaded squirt gun is passed around the circle until the music stops or the leader says "Stop!" The person who is holding the squirt gun at the time must leave the game, but before he leaves, he can squirt the person on the left twice or the person on the right twice or each person once. The chair is removed, the circle moves in and the game continues. Last person remaining is the winner. The gun must be passed with 2 hands and received with 2 hands. It is best to have another loaded gun standing by for when the 1st runs out. Emphasize only 2 squirts!!!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:36

Musical Hats

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To play this game you choose 8 students and provide 7 marching band hats. It is the same principle as musical chairs. Provide some type of music for this. They place the hats on the heads of the 7 who are given hats. The other student takes the hat off the person in front of them and the others in the circle do the same. The student left without the hat when the music stops is out and you remove one hat from play and continue until you have one person left.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:35

Mouthful of Cheer

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Circle chairs - One for every person. Have teens count off 1 through (whatever). Each teen is identified by their number. Leave a space between number 1 and whatever your last number is (say 15). Number 1 begins by saying "When I say Jesus, you say Christ!"He then says... #1: "Jesus!" Group: "Christ!" #1: "Jesus!" Group: "Christ!" Getting the rhythm going is essential to the game.After the initial cheer number 1 says "When #____ (He chooses another person's number) says _________ (Whatever..."Cow" or "Blue" or any other word) You say ______ (Chooses another word like "Moo" or "Red" etc.)So for example his second line sounds like this: #1: "When 12 says Cow - you say Moo" The person in the 12th chair must say "Cow" within the rhythm of the cheer or he goes to the end of the line. And the group gives the appropriate response "Moo" in this case. The game continues with #12 choosing a nother person's number and words to fit in the rhyme. #12: When 6 says squirrel you say nuts. #6: Squirrel! Group: Nuts! #6: Squirrel Group: Nuts! Whenever a person speaks out of rhythm he/she is sent to the back of the line and those below move up one chair and assumes a new number. Teens try to unseat #1. For the kicker, after the group has got the rhythm going pretty well you begin to give everyone one large marshmallow to place in their mouth. (No swallowing!)Whenever someone is demoted the whole group gets another marshmallow. We've had quite a few marshmallows mashed into our mouths. Soon no one can understand anything the cheer leader is saying; the laughter begins and the drooling... well you get the picture. It's a side-splitter!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:35

More 20 Questions

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An addition to "20 Questions": "BANG" ~~ The scenario: A truck driver is pulling into a weigh station so he hits his hand against the truck so that his chickens will fly around the truck, that way they won't be weighed. "A DEAD MAN LYING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT WITH NOTHING BUT A STRAW... THERE ARE NO TRACKS OR FOOTPRINTS AROUND HIM. HOW DID HE GET THERE?"~~ The scenario: He was in a hot air balloon with others. The passengers were too heavy, so one had to jump out... he picked the short straw so he had to jump!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:34

Moose, Moose

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You need at least 5 people (you can play with less) to play. You start with everyone in a circle. One person is Moose, Moose. This person starts the game. Now, everyone in the circle chooses an animal, like, gator, gator or cat, cat or shark, shark. Along with the animals, you have hand signals. For example, Moose, Moose would put both hands on their head and make like two horns (like Bullwinkle), another example would be gator, gator, he would put his arms in front like an alligator's mouth. You can make up more animals with hand signals as needed. Now Moose, Moose starts the game by signaling his signal and saying 'Moose, Moose Cat, Cat' the game is now on cat, cat. You keep passing the game from player to player in no particular order. When someone messes up they must move from their position and sit to the left of Moose, Moose, we called that character Pig, Pig and they made a pig nose as their signal.The game can get real intense and fun, because when someone slips up everyone laughs. It's usually a funny mistake.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:34

Miss Mumbley

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Have the kids sit in a circle and tell them the object of the game is to talk like you have no teeth and you can not show teeth if they do they are out. The game is started by one person and they ask if anyone has seen Miss Mumbley as she is missing...the kids can sometimes come up with good conversations and is hilarious....The game goes on until only one is left.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:33

Mini-Me Racers

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Prior to the game cut the car stock into strips about four inches long and about two inches wide. Fold the bottom inch under leaving about three inches. Pass these out to your students and have them drawn themselves on the three inch section. Pass out the pennies and have yout students tape the penny to the top side of the folded inch. Your end result should be a three inch version of the student with the folded piece behind them. Have the players stand the end of the table and place their "mini-me" on the table. On the word go they mus blow "mini-me" to the other end of the table. If their "mini-me" falls they must start over.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:33

Messy Face Finder

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5 bowls... ... now you have to prepare for this ahead of time... place a GERBERS mini hot dog and a GREEN cherry in the bowls. Then fill the bowl with whip cream. Keep cool.. not necessarily COLD or freezing... but you don't want it to go flat or sour... yuck. Have five volunteer youth put on a trash bag with a towel around their neck... in order to not mess up their clothes. They have to sit down at a table w/ hands behind their back. Then... tell them that they have to find the cherry at the bottom of the bowl... except ... they "can not use their fingers!" (face first!) If someone finds a mini hot dog... you'll say " Oh Gee.... I wonder who's finger that was?! " hahahNow... right before they start... you have to " make things a little more interesting" by adding red cherry or strawberry syrup to the whip cream. And I mean a BUNCH OF IT!!! First one to get the cherry in between their teeth wins! ... now they dive face first into the stuff and fish around for the cherry in the bowl... they emerge with pink fluffy whipped faces... and it's a blast!
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