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Sunday, 03 April 2005 22:52


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Choose one person to be the "psychiatrist". Have everyone else sit in a circle while the psychiatrist leaves the room for a minute; make sure the psychiatrist can't hear. As a group, decide what your common ailment will be. A good one to start with would be pretending to be the person on your left. When the psychiatrist returns, tell them they must ask people questions in order to figure out what the commonality is between them all. Example questions would be: "what is your favourite colour?" "do you have any siblings?" "where do you work/go to school?" "are you a girl/boy?" Because everyone is pretending to be the person to their left, they must answer the questions according to how they think that person would answer. If the answer given is WRONG, then the person to the left of the person who answered must shout out "PYSCHIATRIST" and everyone switches seats. *Note: the game CAN take awhile for the psychiatrist. Encourage them to persist in asking questions. Other "ailments": -answering according to who is sitting in a certain seat (because it would become quickly obvious what the ailment is because the person sitting in that seat is the one always calling "psychiatrist", decide on a signal, like scratching your nose, to inform OTHER players that the answer was wrong, and they must call psychiatrist instead). -pretending to be one particular person in the group. -pretending to be the person across from you. -make up your own! Remember: every time you move, the person you are pretending to be changes! So keep your eyes open.
Sunday, 03 April 2005 22:51

name game

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Divide your group into two. Have each team sit in a single file line with each line facing each other. Have youth leaders hold a blanket between the two teams. When the blanket is dropped, the two people facing each other at the front of the line must shout out the name of the person they're facing. Whoever shouts out the correct name first wins and the "loser" must join the other team. Raise the blanket again and have the next two people do the same. This is a good game for a group that is just getting to know each other.
Saturday, 05 February 2005 01:42

Bible Stumping Trivia

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We needed a game and had no supplies but our Bibles. This came to mind and the youth loved it (they are very competitive). We separated them in two teams boys vs girls. The object of the game is to stump the other team with a Bible question. Each team has 2 minutes to look through their Bibles and come up with a question to ask the opposing team. The opposing team can use their Bible to find the answer and gets like 2 minutes to answer. It was really fun. They can play forever on this one. Because as soon as one team doesn't get the answer they REALLY want to stump the other team. It's cool because it gets them to read their Bibles...
Friday, 10 December 2004 14:48

2 Actors

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This a good van game on a youth trip. Someone names two popular actors and you must connect those two actors through different movies. It is like the Kevin Bacon game, but you don't use Kevin Bacon. A good way to kill an hour on a long trip until everyone goes to sleep.
Friday, 10 December 2004 14:47

Word Song

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I do this game in our van on a youth trip. It is easy, you say a common word and the first person who can sing a song with that word in it, wins. The winner gets to pick the next word. A good way to kill an hour on a long trip.
Thursday, 09 December 2004 14:52

Name Red Rover

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Divide the group into two equal teams, and have them stand across from each other in a typical Red Rover style. Choose one team to start, have that team choose one person from the other team to "come over." After chanting the traditional Red Rover theme, the called out individual must pick a place to "come over." When the place is chosen the individual must state the names of the two people on either side of the spot. If they can say the two names, they stay, if they cannot say the two names they must join the opposing team.
Wednesday, 08 December 2004 00:55

The Secret Toilet

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The Secret Toilet [1 chair set in center of room] No Mess to Clean Up Have a youth worker get 3 volunteers from the group and exit the room with them. Explain to them that their task is to go in one at a time, sit in the chair in the center of the room and act out one of three events: 1) sit in the chair and pretend you are riding a roller coaster; 2) sit in the chair and pretend you are experiencing an earthquake; 3) sit in the chair and pretend holding their breath as long as they can and then breathing in the air above them (like they are submersed in water up to their nose). Tell the volunteers that the people in the room will be trying to guess what they are doing. After the volunteers have left the room, then explain to the rest of the group that each student is going to come in, sit in the chair and act something out. They will pretend they are trying to guess what is being acted out, but secretly they will pretend that the student in the chair is using the John. Secrecy is a must! Once everything is set have the youth worker send the 3 volunteers in one at a time. After each student has acted out their scene, tell them what the other students imagined them to be doing!! Using the John!!! If you want to put this in afterburner, use a youth leader or two as those who come in, sit in the chair and do the acting.
Monday, 06 December 2004 20:55

College Fight Songs

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Download college fight songs from the link page on this site. The first one that can stand up and name the school gets a point.
Friday, 03 December 2004 12:39

Diaper Clean

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Put vanilla and chocolate pudding into a clean diaper. Then have someone lick the diaper clean without using their hands. Have students compete against each other to see who can do it the fastest . . . or the cleanest! Show the group when everythings done and it looks like the real thing!
Friday, 03 December 2004 12:38

Food Ring

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have contestants put pantihose over head and mouth. Then have helpers feed them baby food with a plastic spoon through the pantihose. Hint: actually sucking the baby food through it helps! The first person who finishes a jar wins!
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