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Friday, 25 April 2003 12:15

Animal Game

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Have group form a circle sitting in chairs. One person is to stand in the middle as the "ring master". Everyone is to choose an animal name for themselves (dog, rhino, hippo, monkey,...). The person in the middle is to have a wadded up newspaper to hit the animals...make sure it is tape up well because it will fall apart! You start with one person asking them to call out one of the animal names in the circle. The person whose name was called must call out another name before he/she is swatted by the ring master. This goes on until someone is swatted before another name is called or they call out the ring masters animal name. Once a person has been swatted, they are to become the ring master and the former ring master. take that persons seat. This game is a lot of fun and can be tweaked to make the rules better.
Friday, 25 April 2003 12:14

An Acting Game

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What you need is vollenteers (or 2 groups of vollenteers competing against each other. Keep the number of vollenteers in each group small, say 2 or 3. You give them a senario (say a child who came in late). Then you tell them to act out the scene, but they have to integrate the sound effects that you play with the senerio. Play sound effects, some can have nothing to do with the scene (like in the senerio above, my youth pastor played the sound of a bomb, and of a lot of other things). The only real object is to come up with either the most acurate to the sound effects skit, or the most humorous skit (usually the latter).
Friday, 25 April 2003 12:06

Alphabet Ups and Downs

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Choose a story with many alliterations (I like to use "Fat Fireman Foster" or "The Dreadful Dragon with a Diamond D" from my little boy's Sesame Street storybook). Read the story to the group. Instruct group members to stand up or sit down every time they hear a word that begins with the letter you designate. The quicker you read, the sillier it gets! (One of my favorite passages: "Fat Fireman Foster was a faithful, friendly fire fighter. He was fabulous when a forest fire flickered freely through the fair forest...."
Wednesday, 23 April 2003 18:03

Airplane Blitz

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Bring a stack of copier paper and let the kids make lots and lots of paper airplanes. Then you need some way to clearly divide the room in half. (The taller the divider the better.) A couch works, but even better was a rolling chalk board. Put half the kids on each side of the divider. Put half the paper airplanes on each side of the divider. Explain that they can only throw ONE plane at a time and they must stop when the leader says "stop". Say "Go". They throw the airplanes over the divider as fast as they can. Planes are flying in both directions. Let them go about 3 minutes. Give them a ten second warning and then say "stop". Count the airplanes on each side of the divider. The team with the least number of planes wins. Repeat it a number of times, keeping track of the wins to get the champions.

A quicker variation: Throw a big bag of loose socks.

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