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Sunday, 14 September 2003 18:54

Iron Chef

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This game is based on the Television show "Iron Chef." Buy a few staple foods (they can go along with any particular theme you want. For example, our group was doing a construction theme, so we used hot dogs and instant potatoes, the staple of a construction worker's diet!). Then divide your group into a few even teams. Provide hot plates, cooking utensils, and serving dishes for the kids to create an appetizer, main course, and dessert. It's also good to have some extra foods to help in assembling the courses. i.e. crackers, veggies, spices, etc. Give the kids a time limit and set them to work. Finally, have some volunteer judges rate which group has the best tasting presentation and most creative food ideas. Make sure you have some brave volunteers! Our youth group absolutely loved this game
Tuesday, 29 July 2003 15:04

Q-tip War Zone

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Needed: army men, cotton swabs, drinking straws. Divide your group into two or more smaller groups, giving each an adequate number of straws, a box of Q-tips, and a set of plastic army men (or farm animals, jungle animals, etc...). Allow teams to set up their men on a table on opposite sides of a room, and at the given signal, to commence firing upon their opponents soldiers in blowgun fashion, using the Q-tips and straws. Straws can be recycled during the battle. The army men are fairly difficult to hit with any accuracy, which allows for a good length of play time, as well as lots of attacks launched at people instead of army men. Establish your own rules about who can retrieve the Q-tips from the center of the "militarized zone". A safe game, and easy clean-up, and everyone wins!
Saturday, 21 June 2003 14:57

Youth Retrievers

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This game can also be played outdoors. Divide your group into 2 to ever how many teams you want. The object of the game is to be the first team to get an object back to a certain location. I used a chair/table but it can just be a spot on the floor they have to return the object to. Call out an object and the youth race to get it to this spot first. I start small, a rock, watch, book, etc, and then get larger and more creative. I have called out paper footballs, ping pong tables, love letters, mattresses, anything you can think of. My youth love this game
Friday, 20 June 2003 17:54


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This game is WONDERFUL when you're tired, your youth are going crazy, and you just need a break. You can play this game with 3 to 100+ kids. Tell everyone that they are in a graveyard, (or another quiet setting, if you don't approve of using a graveyard,) and tell everyone that they have been frozen. (I don't like to tell them they are dead) You then pick a "grave digger." This person is allowed to move and talk. Every else must be totally still. It's the grave diggers job to make sure no one is moving. Here's the catch, if the grave digger catches you move, you are out. However, if you move behind the grave diggers back and they don't see you, you're safe. If you want, you can allow the grave digger to try and make the other players laugh, this makes the game harder. However, THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ANY PLAYER!! (this saves a TON of argument) My kids will play this game for hours if I let them. If you have younger kids, try musical graveyard. Same rules apply, except when they hear music play, they are allowed to move, and when the music stops they have three seconds to stop moving. Keep the game going until only one remains, and then that person becomes the grave digger. Enjoy!
Monday, 16 June 2003 22:10

Who Am I?

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This is a great ice breaker. Choose names from the bible--be sure to use the more well known names. As each person arrives, tape a name to his/her back. Do not tell them who they are, and explain to them not to tell anyone else the name on their backs. After everyone has arrived divide the group in half and number them (i.e. if there are twenty people, there will be two groups numbered 1-10). Tell each person to find the other person with their matching number (1's with 1's, 2's with 2's, etc.). Once matched up, each person in turn will read the name on their partner's back, then give their partner clues at to who he or she is. Their partner will have to guess his or her own name.
Monday, 16 June 2003 22:09

Bingo Steal

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Have everyone bring a "white elephant" type gift. We usually tell people to bring something they have around the house. If they purchase something, keep it under $5. Something fun and funny. The gift must be wrapped. Play Bingo as you normally would. When someone bingos, they get to choose a gift, but not unwrap it. Leave the gift in plain sight. Each bingo after that may either choose a new gift or steal one from someone that has already won one. Game play continues until all gifts are won. Before anyone opens their gifts, if there is anyone who has not won a gift, they may at this time steal a gift from someone that has more than one gift. Everyone opens their gifts at the same time. It is really fun!
Friday, 13 June 2003 20:09

Encourage Me!

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Have your group sit in a circle. Have everyone write their names on a slip of paper. Collect the papers and put them into a basket or hat. Draw a name out of the hat (anyone can do this) and have that person sit in the middle of the circle. Take turns around the circle saying at least one positive thing about the person in the middle. The person in the middle cannot say anything in response to what is said about him/her – they must just listen. When everyone has had a chance to share something positive about the person in the middle, that person draws another name out of the hat and it continues like this until each person in your group has been encouraged! Close in prayer. (This works best for groups of about 10 but I wouldn’t have more than 20 as it could take a while to complete. We did this with our youth ministry leadership team (about 9 people) and it took 3 hours instead of 30 minutes because they just couldn’t stop encouraging each other! I don’t remember where I saw this game/activity – sorry if I’m taking this from someone’s book or something.)
Thursday, 12 June 2003 00:15

Skittles Game

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For this game you will need enough skittles for each person to have at least 2.. amount may vary. Pass the bag of skittles around letting students know how many to take. After each person has their skittles, let them know what you are going to do. Each color (normally 5 colors in a skittles bag) represents a question. This is a fun get to know you game.. Some questions- Green- What do you want to be when you grow up? Red- Do you fold or crumble your toliet paper? Orange- Sing a verse of your favorite TV show theme song. Purple- What is your favorite subject in school and why? Yellow- Act out your favorite movie scene. *Or you can come up with more questions.
Monday, 13 September 2004 18:34

A Maze

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With masking tape, make a maze design. Take the group and divide them into two parallel lines around the maze. Have one child blindfolded and spun around a few times, to disorient them a little. Then have them try to make it to the other side of the maze, without stepping too far (2-3 steps is too far) off the maze. Have the children on each side encourage the child in which way to go. If the child gets too far off course have them go back and try again. In debriefing ask if it was easy to get from one end of the maze to the other on their own? Did the encouragement from the other kids help them? How did they have to trust the other kids in order to complete this game?
Tuesday, 07 September 2004 11:52

alphabetize my Spaghetti O's

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This game is great. I was wlking through WalMart preparing for one of our activity nights when I passed by the Spaghetti Os. I saw the alphabet kind and got inspired. What you do is get the Alphabet Spag.Os, as many cans as you like for as many kids or groups of youth you want to participate. At the meeting you can form teams or do an individual competition. Open the cans ahead of time and when you say go they have to put the letters in alphabetical order. If you get the meatball version, you can use them as a letter of your choosing. You can set a time limit or let them go at it as long you can. Our young people loved this game. Another version is to get them some kind of saying, name of your youth group, or whatever you come up. Have fun and enjoy the mess.
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