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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:47


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Better with groups of 20 or more. This game is mainly done by the Youth Leaders but anyone can be "Radars". Also, "radars" has to be two(2) people. Sit the youth members on chairs around in a circle, leaving one(1) chair in the circle empty. One of the Youth Leaders sits in this empty chair.(So that they are part of the circle also.) The other Youth Leader must now leave the room. While they are out everyone in the circle must agree on some youth member to be "it". After choosing they call back in the other Youth Leader and he comes and stands inside the circle. **NOW HERE IS WHERE IT GETS TRICKY** The Youth Leader who has just come in explains to the youth group that He/She and the other Youth Leader sitting in the circle are HUMAN RADARS; and that He/She shall now pick out who "it" is. The only words that the "RADARS" are allowed to say after this is the word "RADAR". So, the Youth Leader standing says, "RADAR" and the Youth Leader that is sitting answers, "RADAR RADAR." This continues between the two Youth Leaders with then saying as many "RADARS" as the wish to one another. While they do this the Youth Leader sitting in the circle with the youth group starts to mimick "it".(i.e. crosses leg/arms, scratches, looks around, etc.) This is done slowly as so that the youth group does not pick up on what is going on. The Youth Leaders may hone in on this by having one "RADAR" mean nothing I'm doing fits; but two, "RADAR RADAR" means "it" is doing what I am right now. This is ALOT OF FUN!! with two Youth Leaders who have practiced this, it can be MINDBOGGLING to the youth. NEVER LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:46

Q-Tip Game

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Have one volunteer from each grade come forward to represent his or her class. Each player gets a box of 250 Q-tips. The game is played like this...there are five holes in the human head. Two nostrils, two ears, and one mouth. During one loud, fast song, each player must insert as many Q-tips as possible into these openings, understanding that they cannot put any in their mouths until there are some in both ears and both nostrils. At the end of the song, the player counts his own Q-tips as he pulls them out. Have an adult help keep track of the score. The player using the most Q-tips wins. It's pretty fun, especially when your junior high boys are pulling Q-tips out of their ears with goo all over them!!!
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:46


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This requires 6 kids, the idea is they have to from a human pyramid. Three strong ones kneel side by side on their hands and knees, the middle person should be the strongest. Then two others climb on top of them and kneel with a hand and knee on each of the two kids below them (the middle person must support the weight of two set of hands and knees). Finally the last person climbs to the very top of the pyramid. Its fun to see of they can stand up on top of everyone.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:46


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Have a smart volunteer from your youth group exit to a spot out of ear-shot. Ask for/make up a topic/problem that is wrong with the group.{I.E. everyone thinks they are the person on their left.}It is more fun when it is something hey can act out. Bring the psychiatrist back and give them a time limit to get the problem pegged.{yes/no questions only} Switch psychiatrist, get a new topic, and go another round.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:45

Progressive Publicity

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Idea to publicize an event or activity so that everyone becomes interested. Example: Publicize study of OT and NT titled "Something Old, Something New." One month in advance, place the letters "SOSN" on small pieces of paper around the church. The next week add the dates of the Bible study. Then, the next week place the time, place, etc., until eventually all the information was added. They will have fun figuring out what the letters "SOSN" stood for and trying to guess the upcoming activity
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:45

Prince of Paris

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Everyone except leader sits in chairs in a circle & is given a # (that they will keep throughout the whole game) (there should be a space between the chairs of the 1st & last players) The object is to be at the head of the circle when the game is over. (the foot is the last chair & the head is the 1st chair) The leader says, "Prince of Paris had a hat, some say this, some say that... I say #__" The person that's # was called must say "who sir, me sir?" as loud & fast as they can before the leader says "#__ to the foot!" or they are booted to the foot. If they make it then you reply "yes sir, you sir" & they say, "no sir, not i sir", you: "then who sir?" player: "#__ sir" then you start again with the prince... (The person cannot call their own # or they go to the foot. They can't call the foots # either or they switch places. If the player doesn't reply in time they go to the foot.) The game goes fast & when kids get the hang of it they try to get the head to mess up so they call that # often... Players have to pay close attention to their # to catch it in time.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:45

Porky Mellow

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Each person on the team has a toothpick in their mouth. Without using their hands they must pass the marshmallow down the line, sticking their toothpick into the marshmallow and passing it to the next person. The team with the most toothpicks that stay in the marshmallow wins.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:44

Poetry In Motion

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This is a nice quiet activity when you've got a small cozy group and have some time to kill. Organize people into a circle or around a table. Give each person a sheet of paper and a writing utensil. Have every one write the first line to a poem at the top of the page. Then pass the page to the person on their right. That person reads the first line then writes a second line to it. That person must then fold the paper back to hide the first line from view, so that only the second line shows. The poets pass their papers to their right again. Each time they get the paper and write a new line, they should fold back the previous line out of view. This continues until you run out of room. The end result should be a strip of folded paper. Then have everyone open the paper in their possession and take turns reading. The poems usually turn out pretty absurd, but sometimes it's amazing how cohesive they can be.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:44

Play-Dough Pictionary

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Pull out that old Pictionary game, but use play dough this time. I looked in my concordance for some interesting words and one team actually got "Zarubbabel". The leader holds onto the list of words that everyone will use. A member from each team comes up to get the first word. As each team guesses, they send a new person up who will tell you the word they just got. You tell them either they got it right and give them the next word, or send them back to work on it some more. Either time the game or play it until one team gets all the words. Remember, no spelling, no numbers, no letters. I allowed charades.
Wednesday, 30 April 2003 01:44

Pitt Ball

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Divide your group into two groups. Have each group stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Give each group a small Nerf ball. The object is to pass the ball from the first person in the group, around the circle, to the last person in your group, using only your armpits. If you drop the ball, you must start over. If you use your hands, you must start over. First team to get the ball back to the starting person wins.
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